We are such predictable creatures. As soon as I saw a handful of my friends posting Bitstrips on Facebook I knew that two things were going to happen. 1) A bunch of people were going to get the app and flood my timeline with their own comics. And 2) people were going to bad-mouth the app and anyone who uses it. And boy, did my predictions come true.

I downloaded the app myself a few days ago and many of my friends have as well. It’s not really a new app, but this sudden wave of popularity has swept the social networking scene and created a frenzy… and I’m not surprised. This is what always happens. Every few months there’s some new app that people either love or hate. They get used by millions, bashed by millions and then the hype dies down and people can live again. Here are a few notable ones….

1. Diner Dash
As one of the first game apps that consumed our minds and fingers, Diner Dash was a pioneer in annoying app history. Admittedly, I never joined the fun when it first came out; however, I did download it randomly last month and I get it. The addiction is real.

2. Words With Friends
I’m still upset that they turned Scrabble into an app and all of a sudden it was cool. I’d been playing online Scrabble since the days of “a/s/l” and was labeled a nerd for doing so. Then WWF came along and everyone was a word-smith. I still kicked ass though.

Untitled3. Angry Birds
I knew Angry Birds had run its course when my mother downloaded the app and had my then 4-year-old help her beat the “hard” levels. But when it first came out, relationships ended, people got fired, children went without dinner. If you didn’t play it you were a world-class L.O.S.E.R. and if you did play you were a sheep. Lose-lose, but I must say I do like the Star Wars edition I have on my phone now.

4. Ruzzle
Words With Friends : Scrabble :: Ruzzle : Boggle. Yeah, I just did that. Damn I miss 3rd grade.

5. Instagram
When apps come out for iPhone only, better believe haters gon’ hate. I was among those was annoyed at first, more so with the people using the app than with the app itself. And once it was available for Android, the iPhone users started complaining. Now it’s a way of life.

6. Farmville
I still don’t understand the concept of the game. I’m still annoyed and haunted by the requests that blow up my Facebook notifications. I hate anybody who ever played it.

7. Draw Something
I sucked at this game… as  did most people. It lasted a bout 2 weeks and then I got bored. *yawn*

8. Vine
I still low-key hate Vine. I mean, it should be dead by now, but people still hold on for dear life. When Instagram came out with video with more time and filters, I was sure Vine would wither and die. It pretty much has, but some losers haven’t got the hint yet.

9. Temple Run
I’ve never had this one, but the competition was fierce. People were obsessed with getting the best scores and showing off to their friends. The need for people to be better than others is tragic. Proving it through an app is downright pathetic.

Untitled10. Candy Crush
It seems that Candy Crush is finally chilling out a bit. I was once addicted, but it’s been about a month since I played. No more asking for tickets to unlock the episode. No more checking my account balance to see if I could buy some extra moves and boosts. Let’s just hope everyone else lets it die as well because If I get another request on Facebook, I’m going to lose it.

Well folks, the moral of this story is that people are sheep, apps are fun distractions, requests are annoying and talking about how annoying the app is is even more annoying than the app itself. But, do what you like.