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Zebulon Dak’s Response to Cool Nutz + A Quick History Lesson

To fully appreciate this please first listen and learn about the Luck One vs DJ Chill beef, listen to Cool Nutz Diss to Zeb, and follow Terminill on Twitter. (Terminill recently said he “didnt like Mikey’s mixes but thought songs were good.” The mixes that were done by Zebulon Dak.)

LMAO! This is great.


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  • Terminill

    In all fairness to Zeb, only he knows if he was given enough time to do the mixes. Often, artists dont allot any time for mixing and knowing the skill level of Zeb, it doesn’t sound like he was given the extra time to do his magic.

  • DAYUMN! Zeb!

  • Zebulon

    This “beef” is all in fun, I hope nobody misconstrues it as anything but… I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Cool Nutz, he’s helped me and my crew a lot throughout the years. And I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m ok too.

    @Term, we’ve known each other for some time now and I respect your professional opinion. I can appreciate your honesty and am open to and expect my fair share of criticism. I just think there’s ways you could go about it that are more constructive. I ain’t mad atcha though! Keep doing your thing!

  • dayum! i didn’t even know Zeb had it like that!

  • Soul the Interrogator

    Zeb bears his Dragon Teeth! Alcopulcos Zeb!

  • gyeaaaa

    this made my day- possibly my week. I love all parties involved.