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7 Questions with Model Jordin Lynn

Photography by Tim Vanbergen

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You probably recognize Jordin from her picture on our header above. We’re very excited for the opportunity to work with her and thought we should take a moment to let her introduce herself since we plan on working with her again in the near future.

You can also check out here website at www.jordinlynnm.com.

Thanks for the time Jordin!

My Name is… Jordin Lynn Margraves but I go by ‘Jordin Lynn’

I am… a signed working Model & Actress, Writer, Mommy, and currently going to school to get my bachelors in Nursing.

I like it when… I have the chance to be in front of the camera. I love to be in photo shoots and to filmed in front of the camera; that’s the time I truly feel alive and myself.

One thing I wish the Northwest would share with the world is… our originality. I believe there are so many talented people I have come across in the Northwest that need to be known for their abilities they have and I know they could possibly make a difference among many others.

One thing I wish the world would share with the Northwest is… more inspiring, motivational direction. Like I said before, I really think there are so many talented individuals in the Northwest that could really do a lot with their career if somehow they were all pointed in the right direction from a remarkable source.

Something I have coming up is… I have many Exciting things. I am going to be walking in the Speak Easy Lingerie body paint fashion show, I have two different designers I am working for that are currently getting their clothing up and running Online to purchase. Hip Hop Junkies (http://thehiphopjunkies.com/) & 4everGlamorous Clothing Line. I just got hired with a Promotional company that is the direct sponsors for known World Wide Alcoholic beverage companies that I would be promoting at NFL games, Basketball games, & Local Events. I was recently in a Music Video with the known band “The Devil Wears Prada’ that was featured on MTV.com & did a promo news event for Carl Jr’s new stakehouse Burger that was featured on Fox 12 news. I also have a few small filming’s I am in the process of doing for Independent movies.

This is exciting because… I’m truly doing what I love to do. I recently was introduced to the modeling/ acting world summer 2011 and it came to me at a rapid pace that I just ran with. I have always wanted to model because my mother had done so in her early years but I never took the chance to pursue it. I was given the chance to do a small runway show and after that inquiries were being flown in my direction. I fell in love with it all, and I believe I found something my heart really desires to do well at and I feel that I can now truly achieve my goals I have always dreamed about. Most importantly I want to make a difference and be a true role model for young girls around the world. I feel growing up there was always a type of women I looked up to but could never describe, so now I can be that person to others.


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  • courtney hennagir

    she also really enjoys driving drunk with her kid in the backseat.awesome!

  • Lucie

    She needs to worry less about “modeling” and driving drunk with her child in the vehicle, and worry more about her education. A nursing degree? Unlikely, with spelling and grammar *that* tragic. Perhaps fifth grade English would be more her speed.

  • M

    She can forget about a career in healthcare with her recent conviction and pending charges. I hope they can find her and protect her child before something truly tragic happens.

  • Yours truly

    Dear Lucy this article was written by the starter of we out here magazine, Jacob Espinoza.Your comment/insult about 5th grade english sounded illiterate it’s self and was also directed at the wrong person. I’m sure you’d now like to retract your previous comment which was made under immature emotions. This article was written just fine and was also written many years ago.

    Dear Courtney, I’m sure her enjoyment for drinking has nothing to do with her child being in the vehicle. Even though it was a very bad decision.

    Everyone, please focus your opinions on something impactful to this world and making a difference in your community . If your concerned for the children who are put in these type of situations go volunteer to help and make a difference .

    ***this post has been written on my iPhone. And formatting and punctuation is off some some reason but I’m sure I’m getting the point a crossed**+