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Sponsored Article: Meet Aaron Eastman, Co-Founder of Sarayo Sauce


Huge thanks to Sarayo Sauce out of Eugene, Oregon for becoming our magazine’s first sponsor. Their sauce is amazing. Make sure you check them out at and pick up a bottle. The days of mayo may be over…

Tell us about your Sarayo Sauce. How’d it all get started?

Sarayo started when I was visiting my uncle over Spring break and his wife made a side dish called Bang Bang Shrimp, it was fried shrimp drizzled in a sauce that I was all too familiar with. I asked her how she knew about the sauce, and she said a recipe in a well read food magazine featured it. I thought I could improve the sauce big time, and produce something for consumers that they wouldn’t have to mix at home on their own to perfect it, kind of like how Thousand Island dressing kicked off.

How would you describe the sauce?

That’s a tough one, I almost feel like I need to make up a word to describe it. I’ll play it safe and say unique and delicious. The first time I tried a variation of the sauce I wanted to know as much about it as possible. It reminded me of the first time I tried Ranch dressing. I wanted to put it on everything, but unfortunately the chef wouldn’t share the recipe with me. I would like to find that chef one day and say “whats up now punk?!”, but for now we have bigger things on our plate.

What were you guys up to before you decided to get the company started?

I was working at a retail store and working on my Bachelors degree at University of Oregon. Our cofounder James Miller was also working at a retail chain in Portland when I approached him with the idea of saying to hell with the corporate world and working America, Lets work for ourselves! Our VP of operations Justin Doneth had recently finished a stint in the Peace Corps and he was doing some social services work. We were all eager for something else, it took very little for me to convince them to go into business.

What goals do you have for the company in this coming year?

Our goal for the year of 2011 is to make it to 2012 all intact, alive, and still friends. We are planning to be in 5,000 stores across the U.S. by the end of the year. We are looking to start hiring soon and that would be great during the state of this economy.

What types of food items do you generally recommend using the sauce with?

I’m glad you asked that, because I have that memorized after all the demos and samplings that we have done. Sarayo is great on sushi, salads, sandwiches/burgers, seafood, fish tacos, French fries, fried foods, and pasta. It’s as versatile as ketchup, mustard, and other condiments so feel free to try it anyway you like.

What are some foods you’ve been surprised people have been using the sauce on?

Pizza and apples.

Where are the best places for people to find your products?

Its available in Safeway grocery stores all across the West Coast. In Washington we are available in fine retailers such as Haggens, Top Foods, and Metropolitan Market to name a few. Check our website for complete listings, it grows weekly.

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