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Sara Jean Underwood, Attack of the Portland Naked Bike Ride

You have just been fed.

(Ed’s Note. If you are looking for pics of Sara Jean Underwood at the Naked Bike Ride you can find them here 1: 2:

This was my first experience talking to a Playmate of the Year, and it was awesome!

Sara Jean Underwood is a lot of fun. She’s also been on quite the ride these last five years. After taking pictures for Playboy while attending Oregon State University in 2005, she was named playmate of the month for their July 2006 issue and eventually the 2007 Playmate of the Year.

The Scappoose High School graduate has since appeared on the television shows The Girls Next Door and Kendra, and the film Epic Movie. She also played professional poker for

Currently, Sara’s main focus is working on the G4 series, Attack of the Show. She travels around the world and reports from some of the world’s most extraordinary events. A job that really is perfect for her. She has a spontaneous personality that keeps conversations engaging and, like all other Playmates of the Year, is not at all hard to look at.

Sara will be visiting Portland on June 18th to report on the World Naked Bike Ride.

If you’d like to bring her home, you need to hurry! She’s part of a fundraiser on Ebay. The highest bidder gets the chance to have her host an episode of The Feed from their house. CLICK HERE TO BID! Bidding expires May 12 at 4pm.

Big thanks for taking the time to chat with We Out Here Magazine!

How’s everything been going?

Amazing, I’ve been having a great time with G4.

I saw on your Facebook page you are going to be in Portland covering the naked bike ride soon. Tell us a bit about that?

I’ve wanted to do it forever, but never had the guts to. G4 covered it last year with Blair Herter, and when I saw on Twitter he was covering it I was upset because I’m perfect for it. I’m from Portland for one, and I’m from Playboy. So I’m excited about it. It gives me an excuse to go out and do it. I’ve always wanted to. It’s kind of a big thing in Portland. I’ve just always been a little too scared.

So you’ll be reporting on it and participating in it?


NICE! You’ve been travelling all over the place with G4, what are some things you’ve covered recently and what were some of your favorites?

I get to do so many cool things with them. They like to cover these crazy things so I get to go do these crazy things. I did Furry Week in Atlanta. I did an Oklahoma auto trade show where I got to shoot the biggest guns in the world. I got to shoot a flamethrower. I went to Jersey to go paint balling. I went to Rio to go to Carnival. I just get to go everywhere with them.

Probably my favorite thing I got to do with G4, has to be Rio and Carnival. I mean it’s the biggest party in the world. I got to go hang gliding off the side of a cliff.

That or when I got to go to the American Ninja Warrior in Japan, where I got to compete. Doing that was an honor as well.

And you are going to be competing again soon right?

I’ll be competing in American Ninja Warrior, which is on Venice Beach. On Monday I get to go out there and give the American Ninja Warrior a shot. But I feel like I already have a heads up on all these people. I’ve already been to Japan and done Mt. Midoriyama, and I went and did a training course at Mt. Fuji with one of the ninja warrior all-stars. So I feel like I have a leg up.

Nice, and Good luck.

Thank you.

How did everything with G4 get started?

E3 was my very first job with them. G4 was trying to get all of the booth babes together for a “Confessions of the Booth Babes” special for all of the booth babes at E3. They needed a host and I tried out and got the job. I’ve just been sort of working with them ever since.

Things have just become more permanent with them since the new year which is really exciting for me.

Congratulations! You seem to do really well with hosting, is this sort of where you’re looking to take your career?

Honestly, I just sort of fell into this industry. Playboy sort of just swept me up from college and brought me down here. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, I didn’t really have a plan for this. But I really do like hosting. I get to be me. I get to be silly. I get to go have fun. I get to sort of be their adventure girl, which really is who I am. I basically get to just have fun. I can’t imagine a better job.

Yeah, It doesn’t seem like such a bad job. Traveling around the world and doing cool stuff. You have to be loving it.

Heck yeah, I’m living the life.

Is there anything you get nervous about doing that they have you do?

I get nervous every day before I do The Feed. I don’t know if it will ever wear off. It’s a live show and its nerve racking when they are counting down 3,2,1, and you know there are hundreds of thousands of people watching. It gets to you. No matter how long you do it. I love doing it but I still get nervous.

Might have been a better look for T-Mobile…

You do a good job, I didn’t know it was live.

That’s why I mess up all the time. Because I can’t go back.

I guess I missed those episodes. But when you are back visiting Portland or Oregon in general, do you have any restaurants or bars you visit?

When I’m in Portland, I love the Portland City Grill. I love the Matador on 23rd. I love Lovejoy Bakers. Just stuff like that.

Where should we tell people to go when they visit Scappoose?

Oh my gosh. Tell them Varsity Bar and Grill, and Wig Wam.

Do you stay pretty active with Playboy?

They’ll always be part of my life and part of my family. But I’m more spending time with G4 right now and focusing and that part of my life. But they’ll always be a part of my life.

They just announced the new Playmate of the year. Were you at the event?

I couldn’t make it but I’m really excited for her. It’s a really exciting thing. I know how its changed my life and I’m just really happy for her. I know how it feels.

I also saw you were playing professional poker for awhile.

I was until everything kind of went to crap in the poker world. But I was a signed sponsor pro with Victory Pro. I was getting trained everyday for awhile. Last year I got to play in a couple of the World Series of Poker events. I was playing online every night. I was really loving it. But now things are kind of on hold with the way things are going with the online poker industry.

Have you always played poker, or was this something new you picked up?

I’ve always wanted to. I played a little bit, and kind of thought I knew what I was doing. But once I started getting trained I realized I had no idea what I was doing. So I’d say I was pretty much starting from scratch.

They actually hired me for a photo shoot and while I was there I told the owner that I really would love to learn how to play poker because it really interests me. They started training me, and saw my dedication and that I really wanted it.

I also saw you had a movie called Zellwood listed on IMDB that is in post production. Any news there?

I don’t know what’s going to happen with that movie to be honest. It was really low budget and it was my first time I’ve ever tried acting. I did my best, but if it didn’t come out I wouldn’t be heartbroken because I might be embarrassed.

So it was a good experience either way?

Exactly, it was one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t know how good my acting was, but I had a great time.

Do you have any other appearances we should be looking out for?

No, I’m pretty much just spending time with G4.

You have the fundraiser on Ebay right now. Right?

Yeah, I had no idea how badly people wanted me at their house.

It’s at $7,300 already!? (as of 11am May, 10th)

Yeah, and it still has a couple of days on it. You know how Ebay is, the bidding doesn’t really even start until the last couple of days. I’m anxious to see how high it goes. It’s for a really good cause. All the items are going for really high prices. I’m curious to see what kind of house I end up going to.

I’m sure it will be a nice house.

Or it could be like 30 friends who pitch in and we can have it in their moms basement. And that would be fine too.

Yeah, that would probably make for a better show. Where did the idea for the fundraiser come from?

Japan is a big part of G4. When the tsunami and the earthquake and everything happened, they really wanted to reach out. We have a lot of friends there, we do a lot of events. so it was a great place to step in and help out.

Sara, thank you so much for the time. We’re looking forward to watching you on G4.

Thank you!

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