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On: Marshawn Lynch and the Matrix

NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks Team Media Availability

Before this season, I wasn’t a fan of Marshawn Lynch at all. Granted, that had less do with him as a person and more to do with him not being a Dallas Cowboy. But with the NFL and the media going after him so hard this season, I gained a new appreciation. That was especially the case this week as Lynch not only took on sports media, but also gave a real-time demonstration on how to handle the Matrix.

As a member of the media, I can attest to the industry’s talent for painting two-dimensional portraits of athletes. You know, heroes and villains (and if those villains are Black, then they become “thugs”). But despite the barrage this week, Lynch stayed 3D. He didn’t say much in his pressers but he told me all I needed to hear, especially on day 3.

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Diction Uno – So Long (Prod. by Macapella)


For someone who’s been doing his thing for awhile and is pretty well known in a number of circles in Portland’s hip-hop community, I was surprised to learn this is Diction Uno’s WOHM debut. The SE Portland MC decided to pull a track out of the vaults as he gets ready to drop a new EP. “So Long” finds Diction reflecting on the day-to-day grind and the people that come and go in our lives over a jazzy Macapella beat.

The new EP, to be titled “The Oneness,” is set to be released in Spring 2015. It will feature production exclusively from WOHM regular Aviel.

“This project is way different than anything I’ve ever done because I’m normally on that boom bap but writing to Aviel’s new school, futuristic type beats, I been doing a lot more experimentation with the vocals,” says Diction.

In the meantime, check out “So Long.”

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Illmaculate & OnlyOne – “Anonymous” (Official Video)


When Ilmmac and Only One get in the booth, I’m all ears. Add a beat that was birthed through an unholy collaboration between Sapient and Trox plus a grimy music video from Artistic Outlet… are you still reading? Let’s go!

Shout out to Chase Moore on the mix. #Sandpeople

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2Reps – Interview + Reppin’ It Vlog [Ep. 1]

Portland’s 2Reps are back like they never left, recently releasing a music video for their single I Just Wanna Smoke featuring appearances from Uncle Snoop & Mike Epps.  The two emcees also took a little time to hit LA and Vegas, and gave us a glimpse of their adventures in their new Reppin’ It vlog.  Episode one features Snoop, Swizz Beatz, Choppa (of Making the Band fame), and more familiar faces.

Watching that video really made me miss Tao.  Anyway, interview + vid after the jump.  #OutHere

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Nacho Picasso – Sex​/Drugs​/​Rock&Roll [Video]


Nacho recently dropped a possible classic, so it’s only right that the visuals start rolling out. Sex – Drugs – & – Rock-n-Roll seems like a good place to start to me. The Seattle rap king is back to destroying all doubters with a wild video complete with scantily clad white girls, piles of white girl, and cameos from the Emerald City rap game who’s-whos.

Video by Lea Godoy. Beats by Blue Sky Black Death. Swag by Moor Gang. #OutHere

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I Shot The Sheriff

Not A Cop

At this point it’s common knowledge that American police shoot too many people. The Economist theorized last year that British citizens are 100 times less likely to be shot by a police officer than we are, and that was a conservative estimate. Yet and still, while only 3 police officers in all of Britain and Wales even fired guns last year, it would seem that innocent Americans are gunned down multiple times a week. It is and has been my belief that fear is at the heart of this issue.

So when I got a call from resident activist Jessie Sponberg asking if I wanted to take part in a police use-of-force training simulation, I said “Hell yes.” And it gets better. Apparently, some anti-police activist in Phoenix was caught on Fox News singing praises to the police and urging people to obey authority after going through a similar simulation. I guess the hope was that Jessie and I – two rather outspoken critics of the police – would similarly change our tune. We didn’t, but I certainly learned some things along the way.

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Martell Webster – Exposed

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.47.48 PM

Martell Webster recently took a break from catching lobs from John Wall and splashing 3s to release his first track to the public, “Exposed.” The Seattle high school hoops legend and former Trailblazer takes on celebrity tabloid culture and the “relentless slamming of talent” by the media, usually to boost sales. As someone who has experienced this firsthand, he hopes to encourage listeners to determine their own realities.

Check it out and tell us what you think. How does Martell Webster stack up against other NBA players who’ve tried their hands at music?

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Lil Ripp – GDSC Mixtape [Hosted by DJVIP] + Show Announcement

Ripp Concert
Lil’ Ripp of Tacoma is making a major push. His GDSC mixtape – hosted by DJVIP (Nipsey Hustle’s official DJ) – dropped here in January receiving a fair share of critical review, and he’s also on the road, planning a stop at Portland’s famed Doug Fir on February 1st along with Ill Chris, Cam the Mac, Leezy Soprano and D. Worthy.
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Sexting: What You’re Doing Wrong

Online and mobile safety.

It’s been nearly two years since politician Anthony Weiner brought sexting to the mainstream media—more about that here—but it’s like not the controversy surrounding erotic texts has disappeared. If anything, it’s been discussed more heavily as we all try to figure out how to exactly this relatively new aspect of dating and what it means for society as a whole. And in thinking about this, I decided to throw together some ideas regarding what you (the reader) may be doing wrong when it comes to your own sexts.

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Rasheed Jamal – Dope Tape (VLR) [VIDEO]

image (1)

Despite his low profile, Rasheed Jamal‘s upcoming project, SANKOFA is growing consistently. The FRSH TRB Republic / Resistance emcee recently reached out to WOHM to premiere the first visual from the album with Dope Tape (VLR). When asked about the video Rasheed comments,“Well first off I haven’t made many videos, so I had to link with Ver$ace Van Londen and get fam to lay the murder game visually. Secondly, I haven’t made many joints that I could just clown and talk shit on lately, so I wanted to make this video first just because its a light hearted song to slab to.”

Following the strong reception to the audio, I think Sheed picked the right track to shoot a vid for. Definitely worth a special Saturday drop, so peep it before you head out for the night. I guess I have a cameo in the video too. Might have to hit him up about a check. #OutHere