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Serge Severe – Make It (Prod. by Stewart Villain)


“…I was on the bills with legends, to making bills with legends, now you feel my presence…”

Serge Severe is rocking #TheTHESIS this Thursday and he’s got some new material to play with. With a new album shaping up for the Fall, Serge drops off Make It, a lyrical barrage explaining what life is to Big Serge.

The ever-present Stewart Villain provides the jazzy-yet-powerful production for the bass-heavy slap with the show-ready hook. Serge has been showing off some new tricks lately and Make It shows continued growth from the perennially dope emcee. Dude could easily chill and sit pretty amongst the town’s greats, but instead he’s out here sharpening his swords.

WOHM is proud to premiere the latest from Serge Severe. Make sure to learn the words and come out this Thursday to sing along. It’s going to be live. #OutHere

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Glenn Waco – Assata ft. Neka (Prod. by Samarei)


Portland’s Glenn Waco gets educational on his new release, Assata, a feel-good ode to the life of Assata Shakur, the former Black Panther who’s famously avoided state capture since escaping from prison 37 years ago in 1979. On May 2nd, 2005, Assata was labeled a domestic terrorist, and there is a $2M reward for her capture. 

Since being identified as a BLM participant, Waco has had his own run-ins with the law. Similarly, former Portland City Council candidate Teressa Raiford, also an organizer in socio-political activism, just beat her case after the judge found her arrest during a protest to have been unfounded. That said, Waco’s song on police and government interventions against social reform seems to be right on time.

With a lighthearted vibe and heavy lyrics, this is one you’ll really have to listen to. Shout out to Neka and Samarei.

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Chris Lee – No One

Chris Lee

Beyoncé might have broke the internet with her new project, but Chris Lee’s  Lemonade: The Movie is still on the way. No change of plans for the 4.0 kid.

Alas, we’ve got another single on our hands from the upcoming project. No One finds Lee doing what he does best, convincing girls to hang out and stick around over buoyant, electronic beats. As per the formula, Chris usually adds a lot more sugar than lemon to his mixture, and this one’s no different. I’m starting to wonder if Chris has any songs made for the fellas… Hit me with a face-melter, Chris! Still, another solid outing from the STRAY camp. #OutHere

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Raz Simone – Missing Joogs ft. Owuor Arunga


Raz Simone’s newest release, Missing Joogs, is really a well-produced tune about missing out on hustles to hang out with a girl, and it’s pretty catchy.

Featuring production from Jake Crocker and the homie Owuor Arunga on the trumpet, the new single gathered a lot of attention after premiering on XXL. Creatively different from the January-released Trap Spirituals, the song’s content finds Raz sacrificing his gangsta ways for a different prize. One could wonder if the song is a metaphor for something larger, or just a change of pace for the Seattle hit-maker. As always, only time will tell. #OutHere

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Jon Belz & Dain – Ghost Dog [EP]


“Know the difference the coaching is so specific / From the thorns, a rose most prolific / And now I’m in the game droppin’ anvils / and he’ll bring ya campaign to a standstill.”
~Jon Belz (On Fire)

I got a chance to catch up with Jon Belz and DaiN the other night at the XRAY.FM studios during a session of Welcome To The Neighborhood with DJ Klyph. The rabidly productive emcee and the famously choosy producer showed out in the studio, and I can’t lie… Despite Jon’s recent barrage of releases, I got really excited for the drop of their long-teased Ghost Dog EP.

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Eso.XO.Supreme – PDX’s


Portland’s Eso.XO.Supreme dropped a new single that’s getting crazy buzz around the country.

With a dope sound that stands out from the city, the PDX native croon/raps his ode to the beautiful women of Portland in PDX’s. The HolyRain produced joint uses ethereal production and unabashedly ratchet lyrics to create the party aesthetic that’s become so popular in hip-hop circles. Check out what all the fuss is about.

Cover photo by Martin Van Londen

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A-RU$$ – Wealthy feat. Keith Canvas [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


From deep in the NE, A-Ru$$ (SQD) and Keith Canvas follow up the successful release of Wealthy with a shiny new video from none other than Nik Puurple.

The youthful flick features the duo of rap crooners enjoying a day outside the city with a Jeep and a few friends, engaging in generally reckless albeit stress relieving behavior with the natural beauty of the NW as their backdrop. You also might learn a few light-skinned dance moves. Check out what the youngins have to offer. These guys are definitely making music out here.

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Don Keon – Destiny [VIDEO]

Don Keon

Gutter Family Entertainment’s next up, Don Keon, makes his WOHM debut with a clean new video from Nik Puurple.

Having only seen him play hype man to HV and Bocha at The THESIS, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I pressed play. The result was mad cool though. Keon certainly holds his own as a solo artist. At only 20 years old, the Troutdale resident shows maturity in his voice. There’s (always) room for growth lyrically, but the flow is dope right now. The video is just plain striking; fly visuals show why Puurple is becoming a household name in local rap circles. Very nice work, guys. Keep it coming! #GFE #OutHere

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Key Nyata – Dad Of The Year [EP]


Key Nyata is one of the most consistently dope rap artists in the NW, and he just dropped off his first project of 2016, Dad Of The Year. The THRAXXHOUSE representative – whom I recently read started off with the Raider Klan – has long been revered for his dark, heavy vibes and unapologetic trap-themes, and this album stays in the seam.

With production from all over the place, Nyata aka Cosmic Dad gets busy with the lyrics. A SpaceGhostPurpp feature (on the uptempo GO) is the only feature on the project, and the only track Nyata produced is the spacey outro which he doesn’t rap on. Yes, it’s that type of project. One that flows between maddening moodiness and neck-cranking knocks while feeling uniquely intimate. Leave Em and Don’t Fold are my early favorites, but the subsequent spins (which are sure to come) may change my mind.

Really well done, Dad Of The Year is sure to satisfy Nyata’s legions of existing fans, and bring a few new ones in as well. Peep the new-new. #OutHere

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UPCOMING: Gallant to Open for ZHU @ the Roseland on Saturday


Fresh off performances at SXSW, and two dates at Coachella, Gallant joins Mind of a Genius labelmate and electronic music producer ZHU on the Neon City tour.


Up until a few years ago, no one knew what kind of person ZHU was. Social media was sparse if existent, and as a result of the information void, the Internet scrambled to try and figure out anything about the elusive DJ/producer that dropped the insanely danceable medley/cover “Moves like Ms. Jackson.” He has since revealed himself to be Steven Zhu, a twenty-something USC grad and LA resident, who now has a Grammy nom under his belt for his 2014 single “Faded.” If he doesn’t sound ultra-cool yet, he also recently launched his own clothing line NIGHTDAY COLLECTION featuring monochromatic sweatshirts and tees at Yeezy-esque prices. Neon City will be Zhu’s first headliner tour. – MICHELLE PHUONG TRAN