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Alia Zin Launches Wiccan Wednesdays with “Don’t Shoot” and “Reloaded”


“Maybe I want a Bulbasaur too, huh?”

Alia Zin never ceases to impress me (and get me fired-up). Last Wednesday she dropped “Don’t Shoot,” the first in a weekly #WiccanWednesday series that will lead up to the release of her album, Wiccan on October 31st.  The song is another chilling woke-ass anthem written from her perspective of being highly aware of racially-charged police brutality, all while illustrating the commonality of desensitization regarding these killings. Zin’s voice is steadily hypnotic, while her flow varies and builds.

Hands on the wall, bodies on the ground.
Don’t shoot motherfucker, don’t shoot. Man down.

Unlike some of these rappers who like to make it super difficult to understand what the fuck they’re saying, you won’t miss a word of Zin’s concise and merciless rhymes.

Zin’s music is the kind of stuff DJs wouldn’t dare play on the radio–censored or not. It’s way too raw, honest, and could even be considered triggering to some. In the intro to the song, Zin mentions the high-level of engagement in the new Pokémon Go game, as if to make the statement that she, too, wishes she didn’t have to focus on more important things than catching a fucking Bulbasoar. Then we hear the sounds of cops yelling: down! Get on the ground!

Her lyrics continue to be timely, true, and appropriately angry. Today, through Pakk Music Group, Zin released her second stellar Wiccan Wednesday release “Reloaded,” which came with some sick cover art by Marvin Grant (GhxstGod). Listen below and buckle up for what’s next.

Feature image by Renee Lopez

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Drae Slapz feat. Rasheed Jamal – One Mo Time

DRAE SLAPZ - One Mo Time 2

Drae Slapz has had a busy year holding it down as the live DJ for some of Portland’s most exciting hip-hop acts, including Mic Capes, Brookfield Duece, and Lang, as well as maintaining his own Saturday night residency at The Pharmacy. His latest announcement finds the popular performance DJ switching gears though, getting back behind the boards with a new single, One Mo Time, which features Rasheed Jamal.

“What’s your name, what’s your number, what’s your sign?” Jamal raps smoothly over the bouncy acoustic beat between hypnotic verses. Known for his trap-stylings, Slapz has long stood out amongst Portland producers for going against the regional grain, opting to consistently create swaggy, uptempo soundscapes that lend more to moving your feet than nodding your head. One Mo Time is no different, invoking a polished – even commercial – feel that’s both club and radio ready.

It’s been over a year since Drae dropped “Late Nights: After Hours”, but this single stands alone, with no announcement of an upcoming project. Rare Vibes indeed. Enjoy the latest from Drae Slapz and highly-acclaimed artist Rasheed Jamal, and if you’re in Portland this weekend, catch Drae rocking a sold out crowd with Brookfield Duece and the Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard.

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Go See Chanti Darling, SassyBlack & Blossom LIVE @ Holocene


The upcoming show at Holocene is a much-needed celebration of innovative and eclectic R&B artists from the Pacific Northwest. 

This Thursday is expected to be a rare treat, with a lineup that kind of reminds me of the generational archetype that was conveyed in the movie DOPE; its youthful protagonists are characterized by non-conformity, nerdiness, queerness, being black but liking “white shit”, but most of all an appreciation for the old school and glory days of hip-hop. But in this IRL case, the underlying obsession centers on jazz and R&B. Portland neo-soul singer Blossom says she’s excited to perform at an all-R&B show.

“I think this is my second all R&B show. I’ve mostly done hip-hop and/or electro-pop sets, ” she explains. “This is exciting cause I can bring out some songs I haven’t performed yet!”

New Portland band Chanti Darling headlines the gig, while SassyBlack (of Seattle) and locally beloved Blossom provide a backbone of support. DJ Lamar Leroy will kick off the evening and get us grooving.


WOHM is also proud to partner with Holocene to give you an opportunity to win FREE tickets to Thursday night’s event! Check out our post on Instagram, TAG a friend, write #ChantiDarling in the comments, and make sure you FOLLOW @weoutherenet and @holoceneportland. We’ll pick a winner by the end of the day on Wednesday 7/14.

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Foday – Perfect


22 year old rapper Foday has been heavy in my inbox lately and I won’t lie, the kid has some joints. The creative flow on the Street Fighter-inspired Perfect speaks for itself.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop talking about it though. With a vibe that reminds me of a young Manny Monday, Foday goes in with a playful yet competitive flow over bouncy production, cleverly varying the wordplay in ways that held my attention. Lots of potential for the plain-voiced Portland MC, I’m interested to see what he does next.

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Mic Capes – One 4 O’Shea (Prod. by Brxtn Chase)


Mic Capes gets on his NWA vibe, digitally releasing a song he’s performed live a few times, ripping into the concepts of police abuse and citizens’ resistance over an eery slap from Portland’s own Brxtn Chase.

Having seen crowd response to this rather militant track, I’m interested to see how the release of the song fares with Mic’s local fanbase and the typically doting local press… Candidly capturing the frustrations of a minority segment of society at a time such as the present seems certain to ruffle some feathers and spark some flames, but we’ll see. Lots to think about and discuss within the verses of this song. #OutHere

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Dre C feat. JerXme – Breathe (Prod. by ReignState)


“I know my Roots without watching TV. How come these people don’t want us to BREATHE?” ~JerXme

Dre C and ReignState are back with a triumphant new anthem in Breathe, which features an impressive verse from WOHM newcomer JerXme who completely spazzes on the closing verse.

Dre has been consistent with the fire as of late and his latest – an ode to pushing through adversity – feels right on time. Creative verses and an explosive hook sound great on top of Eddie Keys’ epic headknocker, and the artwork is clean as well. Add this to your list of Dre C essentials. #OutHere

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Dame DOLLA & Brookfield Duece – Ready For It



A lot of cameras in my face that’s like all of the sudden /
I knew I’d make it to this point / What’s with all of the fussin’? /
Money call and I’m buzzin’ / I’m with all of my cousins /
That’s every time you see me out and that’s ballin’ or clubbin’

Dame Lillard and Brookfield Duece are back, trading verses over a yet another wild slap from Pennsylvanian super-producer Jahlil Beats.

Ready For It seems to leave off where They Sleep left off, with the cousins barring out about exceeding the expectations that others had set for them, only to be where they’d always planned, and still ready for what’s next. Jahlil’s production impresses immediately, flipping a tricky Middle-Eastern sample into a certified knock. Dame leads the way with a metaphor-riddled verse, setting up Duece who comes through with the show-ready hook and a slick, lingo-laden sixteen. The pair close out with a back and forth, showing chemistry on the alley-oop as the beat deconstructs after Dame closes.

It’s really dope what Dame, Duece and the rest of the clan are doing in the Portland rap scene; understanding that they are in a unique position, the Brookfield (Oakland) natives are dropping quality music, building with locals, and adding excitement to the atmosphere. Enjoy this latest drop, and feel free to leave your thoughts!

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Byrdi – Martell Webster


Last week former NBA player Martell Webster dropped “Byrdi,” the first release from his upcoming mixtape ARTT, (out July 15) which will come in front of his long anticipated Emerald District EP.  The new song is produced by EYRST labelmate Neill Von Tally, with mixing-and-mastering help from Justin Longerbeam. And the track’s definitely got that distinctly-EYRST vibe, made complete with an ethereal sound and mellowed mood.

Check out the new new below:

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Trust No One Entertainment Presents: SQD


As Portland’s all-ages scene bubbles, few are as involved as Trust No One Entertainment. The Eastside promotions company has been amazingly active with 22-year old DeAndre Woods at the helm, and their all-ages shows at Hawthorne Theatre have pumped excitement into an often over-looked section of Portland’s larger rap scene, proving that there are fans hungry for youthful rap in town.

The rise of SQD has been fun to watch, and tomorrow night they’ll headline the latest showcase at the Hawthorne, brought to you in conjunction with We Out Here Magazine. The high-energy collective – led by solo artists A-Ru$$, Heff and Tugg – has been making moves all year, collaborating and releasing music at a staggering rate. The youthful crew seems to have found their target demographic and the kids come out in droves to support.

Need I say anything about STRAY? After tearing it up at TheTHESIS in June, Chris Lee, Chief and G6ix reunite with the LA-living Donte Thomas for what’s sure to be a monster homecoming performance. Hot off the run-away release of Lemonade The Movie, expect to see Lee turn up extra hard as well. But don’t count out Chief and G6ix, polished performers who will keep the energy and the bars coming.

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Dodgr, Myke Bogan and Neill Von Tally Drop Off A “Rare Treat”


Two of Portland’s biggest rap imports, The Last Artful, Dodgr and Myke Bogan, have been in the booth working. Their new EP, Rare Treat – which doubles as a group name for the charismatic vocal tandem plus EYRST producer Neill Von Tally – dropped last night and is grabbing major attention in the city.

Von Tally’s imprint is all over this one, combining spacy, futuristic soundscapes with hard hitting drums and analog filters for a unique sound that doesn’t really fit in a box. Dodgr transitions from song to rap at will, relying heavily on her unparalleled vocal qualities to add depth to the Von Tally’s production while Bogan carefully enunciates his unapologetically irreverent bars with striking precision.