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Aviel – Devil Wait Freestyle (Prod. By Nick Rio)


Portland’s Aviel can rap and he works hard. There’s no taking that from him. I often disagree with his use of the word “freestyle” but that’s an entirely different conversation. Check out his latest quickie though. He goes in, per usual.

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Tre Ross – Stay Gold

Tre Ross

I’d never heard of Seattle rapper Tre Ross until I stumbled across this video while stalking on Miss Casey Carter’s site. Dope, dark, and complete with imagery of cheap beer, Hennessy and so-so white women, Stay Gold serves an excellent transition into fall. Shout out MCC for keeping it trill for her city.

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Rasheed Jamal – Urban Decay

Rasheed Jamal

Easily one of the most lyrically striking songs I’ve heard this year, Urban Decay is a true gift from Resistance standout Rasheed Jamal. Originally scheduled as a WOHM premiere – until a blog (we will not mention) jumped the gun on their advance copy – I am very excited to see how our fans respond to the song. I found it to be both timely and inspiring, and I’m definitely looking forward to Rasheed’s upcoming album, SANKOFA.

Rasheed himself offered the following in regards to his upcoming project and current single:

“SANKOFA is sporadic. It kind of came out of nowhere and I wrote everything so fast that I didn’t really notice what I was saying until after I was actually recording the music. URBAN DECAY was inspired by a Kanye West song from Watch The Throne, or at least what I imagine he would sound like on such a track. By the time I recorded it, I found that I didn’t say anything he would say. Let alone anyone else making music.

I’m not an activist or a role model. I am a people watcher though. I ride the bus, catch cabs, car pool, and drive occasionally, and what I see is this. I feel like I connected some dots here that wouldn’t normally correlate on the surface level.”

Check it out here!

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Bryce Trost Talks “Rose City Sports Talk”


The sports talk radio scene in Portland is pretty bleak. There is only so much commentary from 35-year-old white guys who’ve never heard of Jay-Z that one can take. Luckily, the good folks at Green Luck Media Group are doing something about it. Even though it’s in its infancy stages, their program “Rose City Sports Talk” already offers a genuinely entertaining sports talk alternative, while also spotlighting the work of local artists.

Hosted by GLMG’s Bryce Trost, with animated commentary from Donnell Kennedy and Anwar Jones, the show takes on a number of topics dealing with local and national sports. The laid back, talking-shit-on-the-couch vibe of the show is a welcome departure from the “Don’t get fired” format of most sports talk shows. In addition, each episode is scored with music from local producers/emcees.

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Raz Simone – “Cheap Money” (Official Video)


Burn a dollar bill and just stare at it while you play this one, Raz back bearing his hustlers soul over some cinematic sounds. Time is everything, and money means nothing.
Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2 Coming Soon

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We Out Here Radio Episode #2 w/ Stewart Villain


We back! Episode #2 of We Out Here Radio will air today on Juice Radio @ 5pm PT.  This month, producer/rapper Stewart Villain joins Mac Smiff and I as we interview our guest, discuss my Damian Lillard sighting, Stew & DJ Fatboy’s tag team-style stinging contests, and pretty much clown each other for an hour straight.   Today’s episode also features music from Stewart’s fellow Soar Loser members Vinnie Dewayne & Myke Bogan, Tacoma’s Cally Reed, PDX’s Amine, as well as unreleased music from the Villain himself.

We Out Here Radio airs every Tuesday @ 5pm.  Tune in at www.gojuiceradio.com or by downloading the TuneIn mobile app, and let us know you’re listening by hitting us on Twitter (@weoutherenet!) #OutHere

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C-Plus x Trox Announce Project + Release Single, “Get It Together”


Hometown hero Trox recently announced his upcoming collaboration with Sac-Town MC, C-Plus. Rentals - en EP – will be available early 2015, but they were nice enough to leave us with a teaser. Check it #OutHere.

That said, Trox definitely needs a WOHM sticker on his laptop. C’mon Troxie, let’s get it.

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Samarei – Best In Class [WOHM Premiere + Interview]


Portland-based producer Sam “Samarei” Waldo first caught my attention when he produced Strange Fruit for Hanif (the artist formerly known as Luck One) in Spring of ’13. Since then, the Portland State music composition major has continued to work at his craft, teaming with Green Luck Music Group and producing for artists near (Illmaculate, Rey Totem, BigMo, Keegan Baurer) and far (MC Lars, Open Mic Eagle, MC Lars) with his distinctly musical sound.

The laid-back artist recently showed out at this month’s iStandard Producer Showcase in Portland, and before he went on to win the thing, we had a quick conversation in which he excitedly let me know that he had a tape coming out soon. I thought that by “soon” he meant winter, but when this gem showed up in my inbox this last weekend, I must admit I was equal parts shocked and impressed.

In addition to some of the usual suspects (listed above), Best In Class also features contributions from Philadelphia nerdcore star Random, Seattle’s XP and J. Pinder, as well as Portland heavy hitters Farnell Newton, Tope, Epp, Rasheed Jamal, Glenn Waco and Mic Capes. We Out Here Magazine is beyond proud to premiere this amazing project, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We also took some time to talk to Sam about the project, so read on as you listen in. #OutHere

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Turtle T – Sippin’ (Official Video)


Turtle knows Fall does not mean its time to turn down your active level. Although if you haven’t harvested enough skrill to survive the winter you might wanna get your hustle up cuase the winter is rough enough to interrupt life. Up in the SEA Turtle and the Nu Era Crew threw a release party for the video in Belltown (Check out a lil release party footage below) #KeepSummerAlive2014

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Bishop Bishop x HDxMulla – THE JOOSE


NW newcomer, Bishop Bishop, put out a promising project with Seattle’s mega-productive production team HDxMulla. Only 22, the young rapper boasts a distinctly clean sound over dirty production. The 14 track project is kind of all over the place, but I swear, Tacoma is a breeding ground for dope rappers.

Might have to see about Drew getting that interview. #OutHere