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I’m not sure why Christmas came early but quite fuckin’ frankly, I don’t care. There’s a video for UGLY FRANKS BOSSA so tell all your friends who don’t have the attention span for songs without videos or whatever. If you don’t have the Bobby Hill EP, download it right now or throw your own body off the Morrison. I wish he sang Pyramids in the intro of his video like he did to start off his set at Nuemos, that shit was based.

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Naturally Grown Misfits – The Art of Ignorance


Daelonz and 5EyedJedi are two kids from Portland who go by Naturally Grown Misfits. I’d heard they were cooking something up, but I must admit I was caught off-guard by the 14-track project which took me for a nearly hour-long progressive boom-bap journey through PDX… which I rather enjoyed.

Feel free to retrace my footsteps.  #PDXtrafly

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Interview: LXRD Clothing’s Chris Williams


HamzaOne of my new favorite spots in Portland is No Limit Stickers on 17th and Alberta. It really makes perfect sense – everybody needs stickers and signage – but never in my life did I imagine that a sticker shop in the heart of gentrified Alberta quietly doubled as a daytime mixer.

I met Chris Williams while taking refuge in the air-conditioned store one sunny day, and I instantly took an interest in his brand. Young and relatively new to the game, Chris’ is the owner/operator of buzz-worthy clothing brand, LXRD, which seems to be making waves in the right circles.

With his new web site having just launched this week, Chris and I sat down for an in-depth interview, discussing how the 23-year old got his feet wet peddling the high-end urban wear. Check it out.


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PropaneLV – Pills N Potions [REMIX]

PropaneLV - Pills N Potions

Next up on the remix list for Propane is Nicki Minaj’s Pills N Potions.  The verses were aiiiight, but I really dig the singing.  There’s an Adam Levine-like quality in his voice and dude killed the hook on Luck-One’s Chalk ‘Em Out.  Peep below and let us know what you think.  #OutHere

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Pyrex Drex ft. Jay Child – Jesus Shuttlesworth

Pyrex Drex - Jesus Shuttlesworth

“Draft day…I’m up next…”

Sounds like Pyrex Drex is wasting no time getting shots up over an anthemic beat with this hoop-themed joint.  #Blapper

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DJ Klyph – The Future of Welcome to the Neighborhood



“Welcome to the Neighborhood” is a radio show broadcasted on 107.1 FM KZME hosted by DJ Klyph. If you’re a part of the music scene in and around Portland you most likely know who he is. I personally have been to the neighborhood multiple times with Klyph and every single time I leave feeling more connected. He is an excellent host and more importantly a huge fan of hip-hop. You can tell after a few minutes of talking with him how much he cares and wants to help. That being said, apparently KZME is going off air leaving WTTN homeless.

Before you read the rest of this: Get on twitter and tweet @xrayfm saying #WTTNtoXRAYFM . . . . we need to support Klyph and get him back on the air. Let’s not take advantage of the support we all receive from him. Let’s come together and get him on XRAY.fm!

I had a chance to chop it up with Klyph about the future of WTTN (Welcome to the Neighborhood), peep below!

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NW Legend Sunday Only Sale


For today only, use “WOHM” as a promo code at NW Legend and save 10% on all gear! The limited “Oregon Homeboy” tee is currently available for pre-order, and as always, a portion of all proceeds go the Oregon Food Bank.

Get you some!


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Asher Roth – Parties At The Disco Feat. ZZ Ward [Video]


Perhaps not the most Northwest thing on this beautiful Friday where everyone including myself should head out side ASAP but Shouts to ZZ for having her Roth feature get some visual treatment, makes me wanna bump this at a roller rink on a summer night.

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TNO Records Album Release Party + New Videos


TNO Records is dropping some work. But first, they want to party.

With upcoming projects from Risky Star (The Untold History of Risky Star) and D3 & Th3rd (ImPortland Lif3Styl3), the team has a release party tonight at Alhambra Theater in Portland. They also released 2 music videos – one for D3 and one for Risky – both of which feature the Th3rd. (I know there’s a math joke in there somewhere but I’m struggling, forgive me.) Check them out!

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Aminé – Not At All (Prod. by Kaytranada)


Aminé is working on a new EP, but first… Peep the freestyle he dropped over an ill Kaytranada beat. Check it out!