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Drae Steves – Im Wit It


I am not sure what’s going on with Drae Steves *insert Kermit & tea* but the NEP rap phenom just released a single from his upcoming project, Unfinished Business 2. Happy to see a young man staying focused.

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Capacity Slashing Fire Marshal Under Investigation For Providing Favors to Sex Club


(Image via KATU)

When I saw Willamette Week’s  report that a fire marshal – Doug Jones – was accused of furnishing a local sex club with special treatment, I quickly snickered at the thought the it might be the same fire marshal shutting down hip-hop shows.

Well irony won the day as – guess what? – it is. Now the infamous rap show capacity-slasher (remember Kelly’s Olympian?) is in hot water with the city council and the OLCC. The Fire Bureau has been exceedingly hush on the issue. According to WW writer Nigel Jaquiss:

“The fire bureau refused multiple requests to make Chief Erin Janssens available for questions and declined to provide WW with a photograph of Jones, although city employee photos are public records. City Fire Marshal Nate Takara declined to comment. Jones declined to explain his actions. ‘There are a lot of pieces to this,‘ Jones tells WW. ‘We are trying to resolve issues with this business.‘”

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Aminé – Oliver + Jordana feat. Robin Kim [WOHM Premiere]


If you haven’t downloaded Odyssey To Me yet, you are really effing up in life. Seriously. Aminé continues to work his masterful project, this time releasing a video for Oliver + Jordana, an ode to his favorite movie Submarine.

We Out Here Magazine is always proud to premiere new music from the eclectic Portland artist. Definitely one of our favorite young artists. His new album, En Vogue, drops August 28th. Rest assured we’ll have it here. Till then, check this!

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The Revolution Might Be Televised

CNN Protest
(Cover Image from @RealNewsNetwork)

Bored out of my mind, I was 10 years old when I read Esther Forbes’ Johnny Tremain, and I’ve been intrigued with the notion of revolution ever since. But no matter how much I read about it, growing from childhood readings of Lloyd Alexander and Isaac Asimov, to adult study of the civil rights movements, Cuba and South Africa, revolution always seemed to be something that was to be reflected upon (in the past) or – in the case of Asimov’s Foundation - looked forward to (in the future). At the very least, rebellion and revolution only seemed to occur in far-away lands and distant locations. Locations I plan to visit one day, but much like Truman Burbank, I’d yet to find the opportunity.

For decades, we’ve quoted the words of the great Doctor King, ”Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Many of us have spoken up about atrocities overseas or otherwise removed from our sphere of influence; largely ignoring those who say we shouldn’t complain. Still, it’s almost as if the battle became over whether or not we should frown upon the blatant abuses occurring around the world, often by US(A). As long as that battle waged on, the concept of standing up to abuse – you know… revolution – remained something to be thought about at a later time. You know, right now we’re just fighting for our right to complain.

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Thaddeus David – On One [VIDEO]


You already know what is is! Thaddeus David turns ‘toon for a tune off of July’s Lost & Found Features 07-14 (I just noticed the double entendre with the date) compilation, On One.

Get on Thad’s level. #MoorGang

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D’Marcus William – Wake Up [Official Music Video]


Dope song from breakout artist, D’Marcus William, who makes his WOHM debut with Wake Up. Refreshingly original, the video was shot by Bausik Film Co.

#Respect #OutHere

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Dre C – Top Of The World Feat. Manny Monday (Prod. By Trox)


Portland rapper Dre C links with Trox once again, this time recruiting Soar Loser Manny Monday for a frenetic feature that tops off a serious two-verse slap that requires no hook.

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Rapper E ft. Anael Jeannis – 2Much [Video]

Too Much

Rapper E and Anael Jeannis proclaim themselves “2Much” for the city of Portland in a video from Filthiest, dedicated in memory of Alex Koch.

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On: “Leaders”


Ever criticized a “Black leader?” Does this response sound familiar? “How dare you talk about me? At least I’m doing something?” Is it getting tired yet?

Let’s be real. You can organize rallies. You can make speeches. You can get a new batch of kids, who don’t know your history, to parrot you every year. But what about everyday life, when the cameras aren’t around?

People don’t forget you treating them like shit. They remember the fake smiles. The schemes between campaign seasons. The ostrich syndrome when the community hurt itself.

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Nu Era – Cops [Official Video]


Some exptremely relevant visuals from the homies Nu Era off last years “A Start 2 The Beginning” EP