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The THESIS X: Final Show w/ KPSU


As summer winds down and the students start filling the halls again, we here at WOHM are proudly preparing for our 10th installment of TheTHESIS, the last with KPSU Radio before XRAY.FM takes over as our on-air partner. Such a bittersweet milestone deserves an – dare I say – epic lineup… and tonight’s all-Portland cast gives us just that.

Hailing from the Eastside, D3 is an explosive MC and the front runner for homegrown label Trust No One Records. The young rapper from The Numbers has made a name for himself with blistering, energetic live performances and was also the MVP at last years Summertime Kickback. Expect D3 to come for heads tonight. Definitely a threat to steal the show so arrive early!

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The Best Rap Award Show On Earth


[Editor's Note: For his third WOHM feature, Sermon got creative and penned a fictional story, which is supported by artwork from Damon Smith. Hope you all have fun with it. #PreachOnSermon]

There I was sitting in between Kanye West and Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda. They were discussing an experimental collaboration idea that involved cow bells, the sound of Seattle rain, and a sample of Final Fantasy X’s “To Zanarkand.” It sounded like one hell of an idea.

“What do you think of that, Serm,” ‘Ye asks me like we hadn’t just met five minutes ago.

“Well, I’ve always been a fan of Final Fantasy, and Seattle is my hometown,” I reply.

He looks angry as if I was supposed to be his hype man for the idea. Mike interjected saying that it’ll work for sure. Kanye smiles and leans back in his chair. The lights dim low, and the crowd erupts. They know what time it is. The start of the first annual Best Rap Award Show on Earth, or BRASE for short.

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Tre Redeau Live At Wonder Ballroom


The young veteran Tre Redeau got himself a slot on Vic Mensa’s final stop on the Traffic Tour and went H.A.M. with the very willing crowd at Portland’s Wonder Ballroom – which seems to be taking over as the city’s top destination for traveling rap acts.

Fellow Soar Losers Manny Monday and Spoon make appearances in the video, as does Mensa himself who – judging from IG – seemed all too happy to touch the Earth with his PDX fans. Fun video by V1Creative and the slo-mo lighter scene is ill.

WOHM is happy to bring this to your cornea. Big ups to Tre and the Loser Gang. Thanks for sharing your experience. #OutHere

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Ripynt & Carl Roe – MARTIANS


Ripynt & Carl Roe are two of Washington underground rap’s finest, and their latest collab project - MARTIANS – is making waves. Check out their recent interview on Juice Radio, and check out the album for the free below!

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Key Nyata ft Larry June – Dirt


Key Nyata is not a fan of smoking dirt. Whether or not you’re off that high-grade like he and co-star Larry June, this will probably make your head bounce.

FlyerThe popular Seattle rapper and his THRAXXHOUSE brother MackNed have a show tonight with his friends at the Croc and if you’re in Seattle, you should probably check it out.



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Dame DOLLA ft Tree Thomas – Heatwave


Well it’s Monday and it seems that Dame is over the cover tracks and onto making original music. Heatwave is the latest offering from the young hoop star and it features somebody named Tree Thomas. Casual perusing of Dame’s Twitter gave me no clue who crafted the sample heavy soul beat the two spat upon, but I’m not sure Dame has any faith in TIDAL.

I did learn that a yet-to-be-named EP is on the way September 21st, so it looks like Mr. DOLLA will be done with the studio in time for hoop season.

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Raz Simone – Plottin’ [VIDEO]


Just a few weeks after firing shots at fellow Seattle rap success Sol (who seems to have completely ignored the attack), Raz Simone and video genius Jake Hill are back with clean new visuals for Plottin’, a dark, negro spiritual-esque feature about facing multi-directional challenges as a thug fellow.

Jake really does a great job with the visuals, shooting in a Portland park and including several familiar faces, including PDX rappers Mike Bars, Karess and Glenn Waco (2 “Ns”) and WOHM’s own Renee Lopez. Have a look-see for yourself.

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Aminé – Calling Brio [ALBUM]


Aminé is one of Portland’s most dynamic hip-hop artisans, fusing Afro-Caribbean sounds with asymmetrical (and improved) raps for a cinematic, often trappy reggaeton-like sound that takes advantage of very active production.

For a full review of the new tape, check out Patrick’s write-up. No need for me to re-invent the wheel. Still finna spin through this a few times though. #OutHere

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Alia Zin Discusses New Release: “S.O.S. (Sorrows of Sandra)” Ft. Blossom


How can you be an artist and not reflect the times? That to me is the definition of an artist.” –Nina Simone

With Janelle Monae and the Wondaland crew’s rally for racial justice last Monday, her free show at the Roseland, and Glenn Waco’s epic Holocene takeover, Portland’s hip-hop scene has had a very active week. And on August 22, Alia Zin just couldn’t help herself in releasing “S.O.S. (Sorrows of Sandra)” a day early.

The powerful track demonstrates Zin’s ability to handle an emotional topic; her euphonic flow, and top-of-the-line storytelling shine while soulful vocals from Blossom (aka Keisha Chiddick) are a great complement. The lyrics offer the perspective of a targeted black female and a police officer who abuses his power.

This will be the last track that I early release before I drop my project – Wiccan EP - in October of this year,” says Zin.

Luckily, she gave WOHM some more insight into her creative process for S.O.S. Enjoy:   

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Slick Devious – PORTAL [ALBUM]


“Invisibility cloaks up on the merch table…” – Slick (on Shadow11)

Slick Devious (aka the white guy in RenCo) is a vicious lyricist who recently dropped an album that is pretty damn good. Jazzy, gritty, spacey, intellectual, based… Those are 5 words I’d use to describe Portal, Slick’s 9-track project.

The album boasts features from Janet Earth, Maze Koroma and ZOO?, while production was done by Skilli Skell, Scorched Earth and Slick himself. Slick’s Bandcamp page describes the album as, “A ceaseless give and take between the dust particles of existence. Trancending the realms of space, time and reality. A dub echo being projected across infinite solar systems and funneled into your brain for 28 minutes.”

What he said. Do peep.