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Myke Bogan – Aye Aye [Music Video]

Myke Bogan 1

Myke Bogan has been on tour with Illmaculate for the last month, exploring the vast deserts of the wasteland known as California. While on tour, the dynamic emcee shot a video for his single from Casino Carpet, Aye Aye.

Per usual, Tim Slew and the Soundlapse squad did an excellent job with the visuals while Myke’s music literally speaks for itself.

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Heff & Tugg – Slide


Hard to ignore Heff & Tugg, and quite frankly, why would I? The young fellas from SQD are consistently putting out solid music and doing mad respectable numbers. Plus I hear they have a project coming and my interest is peeked.

Young and reckless, the duo turn up on Slide, promoting the type of debauchery Portland parents fear and detest. Check it out… here.

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WeeB – Rainy Days


PDX emcee WeeB brings his speedy, unique flow to a common Portland rap subject in Rainy Days. Hadn’t heard from the youngin’ for a while, good to see he’s putting in work. Peep the new new.

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Mighty – Mrs. Goodbar feat. Horizun & AOB


I didn’t plan this, but it looks like WOHM newcomer Horizun is making a double play today, singing the hook on Mighty’s new video single, Mrs. Goodbar. With production, writing and background credits going to the ever-talented Aaron Obryan Smith, the song focuses on the dangers of domestic violence… A subject that can never have too much attention.

Shouts to Mighty for being a) a remarkably talented rapper, and b) a steward for positive messages in local hip-hop. Cameos from Javonnie Shearn and Zito.

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Serge Severe – Emptied Cup (Prod. by Theory Hazit)

Serge Is Cool

Portland mainstay Serge Severe linked with longtime pal Theory Hazit for an authentic boom bap masterpiece in Emptied Cup. Serge gets crazy deep with the lyrics… Once you start listening, the story will draw you in.

One of the few rappers who can continue to entertain for years on end with virtually no switchups in his style, Serge’s flow is truly timeless, making him an underground legend. respect to the architects. #OutHere

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Horizun – Sunset Drive [Official Music Video]


Portland has a really dense music scene. There are literally musicians everywhere.

Horizun is a name that rings a bell but I can’t place it. The PDX crooner’s new video – shot by Perry Jay – is hella clean and the song is dope. Very smooth R&B vibes with big drums by UK producer WIZE.

If you like what you hear, there’s more on his Soundcloud. Happy Humpday. #OutHere

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Mak Dris feat. Jaymes Bond & Mazerati Kobain – Mummy [VIDEO]


I didn’t know what to expect when I got an email for a video called Mummy two weeks after Halloween, but I soon found that as usual, Tacoma represents. Mak Dris assembles his crew, calling on Jaymes Bond and Mazi Kobain for a fun song and splashy video that caught me off guard.

It always amazes me how deep the Tac is in regards to rap talent. I hear there’s a show at Jazzbones tomorrow. Go support your local talent!

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Moments At Wayne Manor Presents: Authenticity, A Moment With Choice


Big ups to the homie Reese in Seattle. He put me on to the artist then known as Royce The Choice (as well as Dave B) a few years back and it’s been great to watch the rapper’s progression. The following interview – shot by Reese – does a great job of taking us into the world of a NW artist who has found his lane and continues to mow his path.

Reese has been doing his thing as well, growing his “Marsupial Empire” one video at a time. Of his latest work he wrote, “My longtime friend, Royce the Choice, sat down with me to share his views on the pressure of being signed to DJ Mustard, the growth in his music, the search for integrity and authenticity in today’s music, and what his dream collaboration would be and who it would be with. Congrats again bro.”

Check it out!

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Mammoth – The Roots Of WITCHRAFT [EP]


I don’t know much about L$P Cartel (Last $pace Program), but 18 year old Mammoth of the crew put together a very interesting project and caught my attention. Dark in a way that gave me flashes of Tyler the Creator and Avatar Darko, Mammoth’s project is curious and brief – excellent for a young artist establishing his lane in a bustling scene.

Village seems to be the most popular song on the project, but I found Intro, 278 and Lotu$ to be my favorites. The varied production (4 producers on 6 tracks) comes off feeling schizophrenic at times, but I’m not convinced that’s a bad thing as Mammoth’s lyrics are anything but sane… I’m sure his parents are shaking their heads somewhere. Guarantee you’ll be anything but bored listening to this one. Give it a spin.

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Koncept & J57 – Crazy Is Beautiful feat. Neveah


With The Fuel dropping this Friday, Koncept & J57 let go of another single with an outstanding NW feature. 12-year old Neveah, daughter of Westside photographer Jessica Keaveny, delivers eerily emotional vocals on the hook of the refreshingly eccentric release, blending remarkably well with the soundtrack-inspired melodies and chill introspective rhymes.

Koncept spent a good chunk of 2015 here in Portland before returning to NY to release his album. Great seeing national artists finding influence in Portland and spreading the love.