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10 THINGS: Desmond Tutu Quotes That Ted Wheeler Should Read

Rebecca Ellis on Twitter: "Mac smiff, 39, has been in a long discussion  with Wheeler talking about the movement and his experience with police, who  he says doesn't respect the mayor. “You're

Generally speaking, there are few things more painful than listening in on a local budget vote. Still, Wednesday’s meeting full of budgetary amendments and amendments to amendments left an especially sour taste in my mouth.

Not just because the council failed to pass legislation that would have directed $18M into our schools and social services instead of the Portland Police Bureau amidst city-wide cuts…

Not just because incoming commissioner Dan Ryan, who ran on a campaign of going after the bloated police budget, went against the will of the people and joined TedBloc to vote against the amendment…

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Is Hate A Virtue? Choosing The Right Fuel For The Revolution

As Portlanders approach four months of physically protesting our police bureau, the police and their counterparts have done much to further the case against themselves. It’s frequently discussed amongst protesters, typically to the tune of comedic irony, how the wanton person-to-person violence exacted nightly by the Portland Police Bureau across the city is responsible for the rapid radicalization of the very citizens they are allegedly deployed to serve and protect. Additionally, the ongoing targeting, arrests and abuse of medics, food providers, press and legal observers – a tactic also utilized by federal agents and alt-right militiamen – has only served to strengthen the resolve of the mutual aid workers who discuss injuries and arrests openly with one another like a public support group. 

Make no mistake, the catalyst for this radicalization is anger. The anger is justified. We were angry when we took the streets, and regular abuse at the hands of police only fans the flames. 

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A Letter to the Editors


From one editor to some others, it’s time for you to stand down.

Last night, a day after a protester was set on fire by an allegedly errant Molotov cocktail, the editorial board of The Oregonian – the state’s largest and oldest newspaper – decided to draft and publish an “Opinion” piece urging Portland protesters to end their nightly demonstrations, which have consistently marched toward police strongholds only to be met with varying levels of police-inflicted violence.

In this uninformed opinion, the editorial board exposed their clear bias towards power and authority and revealed themselves, once again, as a communications cabal complicit with inequity, police violence, and injustice. Yet in their request, it was the protesters that the editorial board asked to stand down; as if the very police violence they protest were an obdurate force of nature and not a consciously vengeful reaction by sworn men and women to the fully lucid demand to eliminate their jobs. This Oregonian article is a masterclass in hiding the context, and for that reason, it’s important to review.

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Feel It: Urban Decay Pt. II – Rasheed Jamal ft. DookDaGenius

Cover photo by Mohammed Alkhadher.

In mid May, I pressed play on Rasheed Jamal’s video for “Urban Decay Pt. II,” featuring DookDaGenius. The song is lucky number 7 on Jamal’s album, 22 Grams | iAMTHATiAM.

Quite a lot happens within the first minute of the visual.

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Stay For The Revolution

I arrived home early one morning after being at the Justice Center, helmet and gas mask in hand, covered in the stench of tear gas, pepper and gunpowder. Without hardly a thought, I put my protest gear in the designated area, removed my contaminated clothes, and showered with cool water, washing my dreads for the second time in 3 days.

As I started wandering to bed, my wife asked if I was hungry. I was. I’d lost 11 pounds over the past 5 days; CS gas had sapped my ability to taste and left me with no desire to eat, but I was hungry. Knowing I was too tired to prepare anything, she warmed up some dinner for me. And while we waited on the oven to heat, she twisted my dreads. She didn’t tell me that my hair looked a mess, but I already knew.

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To Be Honest, No One Cares – Take it From Marcus McCauley

Cover Photo by Robert Schmeltzer.

The first time I cried in a coffee shop, Marcus McCauley made me do it.

I was listening to his latest album, No One Cares, intrigued by the fact that he wrote and produced the entire thing.

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To Write, Or Not To Write: Why That Is Not The Question

Music by Rae Khalil.

Hello World,

It is me, Akunna.

I restarted this article hundreds of times in my head before restarting it several times on the screen in front of me. I began to type these words last week. I began to type these words even the week before last week.

…But nothing seemed to sound right. Nothing seemed to sound right.

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Video Premiere: R4PC4MP – “Deep Stay, Gent” (Prod. I Like Animals)

Ahead of their forthcoming album, ​R4PC4MP, (Blake Ambrose + Lucas Dix + @KurntCobain) has added a visual to their arsenal of pre-release presents.

(And you’re going to see it here first.)

The album, ​TR4PC4MP, features production from Ohio based crew, I Like Animals, and will release this Friday, May 29th.

We’ve already received two singles- the poetic and eclectic “Black Walder,” and the quirky and statement-sending “Deep Stay Gent.” Today, they’ve released their video for the latter, and what a treat it is.

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Making a Bold and Blonde Self Declaration, Archie Presents EP, ‘613’

Cover photo by Kalina Cimone.

After taking some time for self-reflection, an artist previously known as PSA has reemerged as Archie, presenting a 4-track EP entitled 613.

The numerically named-project presents as a fine, 4-act Broadway play. With engaging elegance, Archie walks us through each scene, using her voice as her primary prop. Let’s get into the plot.


The thick red curtains part, and our protagonist saunters onstage while the piano plays an animated tune. She sings out and her voice floats from the stage, capturing the crowd in sweet reverie.

“Close the gates, close the curtains. I can’t go on when my soul is hurtin’. Sitting here, staring at the mirror, eyes start to focus, but things ain’t getting clearer…”

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Mic Capes Aims to Keep the Music Moving With #MicCapesMondays

Cover photo by Samuel Gehrke.

#MicCapesMondays Weeks 1-5: 4.13.20 | 4.20.20 | 4.27.20 | 5.4.20 | 5.11.20

“If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.”

It’s an old phrase, but it rings true, and it’s quite relevant right now. As the quarantined days drag on, our sleep cycles remain in shambles, and most of us are just trying to cling tightly to anything that resembles routine or balance.

I sure am, and my efforts are mostly successful, but I always wonder what it’s like for everyone else. I recently caught up with Portland native, wordsmith, and master of the mic, Mic Capes, to ask how he’s spent his time indoors.