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Fatal Lucciauno – Blame Fatal

Seattle legend Fatal Lucciauno dropped a dark gem last week; nothing to step to, this one’s for the bad guys. 

Fatal stepped in last minute and killed it in May at The THESIS in Seattle performing this very song, so I had to take the time and post the full track. And I have it on good word that KALITO is on the way..  Stay tuned!


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Mic Capes – FRNZY (prod. by Drae Slapz)

Mic Capes knows the value of a solid album, but that doesn’t mean he won’t let the loosies fly. With Drae Slapz on the cybal- heavy beat, FRNZY features an inspired Mic on offense with no clear target – and no hook – for almost 3 minutes.

Album fodder or not, the high energy single should make for excellent live show material, highlighting Mic’s lyrically dense delivery over a knocking drum loop.

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The THESIS XLIV – Brookfield Duece, Raquel Divar, Swiggle Mandela, Andre Waymond

No lie, the Roman Numerals are getting tricky as we approach our 50th consecutive month of TheTHESIS, but what a problem to have right?

As the summer winds down and the temps cool, we’ve got a veteran lineup of emcees ready to heat up the stage tonight at Kelly’s Olympian with new music and heavy vibes.

Front Page Music’s first artist, Brookfield Duece, took a break from preparing new music and flew back in town for the end of summer to wreck shop again; the Oakland native has never failed to impress with his THESIS appearances, and the possibility of label owner Damian Lillard popping in to check on talent always raises the energy in the building.

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Bouquet of Bones – Sonic Truth/Flex Pistols

I can admit that I’ve been sleeping on Bouquet of Bones. The combo of Bloodmoney Perez and B!LLYWH?T delivers with funky production and true school flows, making tracks I didn’t know I needed.

Just one of the various recent short releases from the pair, this is a great place to get your feet wet. Check out the BandCamp page for more.

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Mike Bars – Oh! (Buried Alive)

I’m a sucker for a good video, and Mike Bars has done it again, pairing a high-quality song with remarkable visuals for his new single, Oh! (off of his latest album, Desperate Measures.)

Rap, sing, direct, write… there’s little Bars can’t do, and he does it all very well. His claim to have completed this video, which plays like a mini-movie and takes advantage of natural PNW environments, for under $100 is pretty impressive as well.

One of the best in the Northwest, Bars shows once again why the fans flock to his music.

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Cozz “Effected” Tour Hits The Roseland June 30th

Dreamville rapper Cozz is on a national tour promoting his sophomore album, Effected, and on Wednesday (May 30th) he lands in Portland to play at the Roseland.

Firmly based in West Coast rap, the South Central native (born Cody Osagie) dropped his debut single, Dreams, in early 2014, garnering the attention of J. Cole, who signed Cozz to his Dreamville imprint. Shortly after, Cozz dropped his highly anticipated debut album, Cozz & Effect, and hit the road. His debut tour hit Eugene, OR, and WOHM was quick to get behind the young rapper, giving away tickets to the concert and landing an interview.

Now returning to Oregon with a fresh new project, we’re excited to see the LA rapper’s growth in person. A vibrant but moody project with lyrical weight and West Coast overtones, Effected boasts features from Pulitzer Award winning artist Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Curren$y, and others.

WOHM will be in the building and should be too! For tickets, check out The Roseland Theater’s website.

Check out Effected on Tidal or Spotify.

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Myke Bogan- On My Way (Ft. Kid Indigo)

Summer is right around the corner in Portland, and you know what that means. There’s a plethora of chill vibes and sunshine. These are two things Myke Bogan is very familiar with. His new track “On My Way” featuring Kid Indigo (frontman of the Portland indie-pop/ Raggae group Foreign Talks) is an eerie, melodic embodiment of just some of what’s to come. Myke’s next album “Joe Fontana” is close within reach, dropping sometime this summer. So go find yourself somewhere pleasant outside, relax, and enjoy the track.

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I Love Kanye- Sxlxmxn Remix


The artist formerly known as Stewart Villain returns dropping his first remix in a couple years. This time Sxlxmxn curated an ode to one of the most influential artists to his sound, Ye. The track is a fast paced, drum heavy, dance cut that switches up more than once. Just because Sxlxmxn has been silent as of late does not mean he’s become stagnant though.


The Eyrst  artist has also been busy adding to multiple projects, including the GFE emcee Bocha’s upcoming EP “M.A.A.N.” which will be dropping soon. Sxlxmxn will also be doing a show May 12th at Kelly’s Olympian if you’re in town. Be on the lookout for more from this promising producer. Peep.

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ThatKidCry: Surfer Jack and Finding a Positive Escape

Addiction is the worst.

It leaves us reaching for help in the very thing that is destroying us.

We all know people dealing with it and the majority of us battle our own demons every day.

Last week ThatKidCry sent me his new video. His song Surfer Jack is a tribute to this familiar destruction and an honest reflection of someone who understands the need for change but is still unable to put away the bottle.

For those unfamiliar, Cry has been one of the most active members of Oregon’s hip-hop community over the last five years. His NW Hip Hop Monthly ran for three years, until its final show last year. He also has nine (!!!) complete albums available on Bandcamp.

This is the result of a man dedicated to his craft.

Enjoy the video and interview.

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Tonight the best local rap concert series in the NW returns for First Thursday at Kelly’s Olympian with two dynamic crews who are sure to turn the energy all the way up. Portland’s own The THESIS brings the Dead Phone Dummiez back – a year after their last headlining appearance – and introduces a re-tooled and ever-rebellious Naturally Grown Misfits crew that includes Fountaine, Young Shirty and newcomer Kayela J.

DPD is one of the most explosive rap groups to come out of Vancouver in quite some time. Melding competing styles and cultures into memorable music is nothing new to the Dummiez, a group/collective consisting of hungry rappers who love the stage. Skillful lyrics, dark perspectives, and a ton of energy are DPD’s calling cards and will be on full display tonight when they take The THESIS’ stage once again with their latest project, Sick To My Stomach.