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Easy Mccoy & 6ix – Grindin’ My Whole Life [REMIX]

6ix Easy

Portland’s Easy Mccoy and 6ix try their hand at a remix of Hitboy’s Grindin’ My Whole Life in preperation for their upcoming unnamed album. Pretty fly and the beat carries itself. Check out out. 

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G Force Places Beat w/ De La Soul & Nas: “God It”

G Force

While the nation buzzed (Pitchfork, Rolling StoneComplex, XXL, Vibe, etc) about a fire new loosie from legendary rap group De La Soul - who recently raised just shy of a half milly for their new album via Kickstarter – contracting GOAT candidate Nas for a celebratory hook, the heads of the Northwest’s hands collectively went up for the quiet producer behind the track, Oregon’s own G Force (aka Calvin Valentine).

I first met G maybe 4-5 years ago through his work with TxE. Even back then, the soulful sampler was turning heads with his groovy knocks. But it’s been a long time since Camoflauge Jackets and Trophy Cases… Even Vs. Portland is aging, and the landscape has changed as the rising producer high-footed to LA about a year ago.

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Tre Redeau – FNA feat T-Spoon and Manny Monday [VIDEO]


SOAR LOSERS are back with a clean video for FNA, Tre Redeau‘s Non-Stop powered squad anthem featuring Manny Monday and T-Spoon. A strong single since the audio dropped back in November, the video adds new level to the track.

Good to see a young APM guy flexing. #OutHere

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Renée Lopez Joins Twitter/WOHM, Drops More Bogan Boat Show Footage

Myke Bogan 1

As far as I’m concerned, there can never be too many photos or videos of dope events. And if that dope event happens to be one that we organized… please believe we’re sharing.

Renée Lopez is new to Twitter so be sure to follow her. She’s also a new contributor for WOHM so check out this video she got of Myke Bogan’s electric performance at our recent boat party. I can’t get enough of it.

There are also some dope new flicks from Kevin of V1Creative/109 Salmon on Tumblr, which also has some flicks from the invite-only after-party from the HANiF concert earlier that week. Have fun. #OutHere


Cover photo by Sierra Duarte

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HANiF – Chalk ‘Em Out ft. Michael Zoah [VIDEO]

Hanif 12 inch vinyls cover

We posted this song a while back, and now HANiF came through with the visuals to his two-step inducing Chalk ‘Em Out featuring Michael Zoah (fka PropaneLV – y’all gotta stop changing your names!).  HANiF can’t dance ( lol *shots fired emoji*), but looks like he had a great time filming this one.

Vid by Tim Slew, beat by Chi Duly, cameo by Mac Smiff.


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Stewart Villain – Joints [Beat Tape]


Stewart Villain dropped a beat tape via Team Backpack today called Joints. One could assume the release date was no coincidence. Rappers, time to spend some money. Music lovers, peep the remixes.


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Jarv Dee – Water [VIDEO]

Jarv Dee

Chase the root of evil so they say I’m always in it/
Illuminate my youngins so I ain’t the only winnin’

Jarv Dee‘s music is always so wonderfully dark and focused, Water of off Water off of Satellites, Swishers & Spaceships is no exception. Timslew of Soundlapse does his thing with a crazy video that seems to mesh international riot footage into a solo swag video with a message.

Another little gift for the fans this Monday from the Moors. Peep the Moor Gang animation at the beginning. Chunky.

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Thaddeus David – MoorThanLess3

Thad MTL3

Thaddeus David is well known for his full length mixtapes, MoorThanLess and MoorThanLess2; his third installment condenses the intensity in a 3 song, 1 track project. Yes, you heard that right. 3 songs, in one track. That’s a full mixtape in under 4 minutes.

This honestly makes me low-key mad because it’s really good and then it’s just over. Arrghhh… It’s good, I hear the Moors have some fire on the way. But Gab told me to “calm down” so I’ma chill. #OutHere

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Wool See – Homie Garden


So apparently, IAME (of Sandpeople/Oldominion) got himself a band and made some “fresh new shit” to release on Four-Twenty. A lot of repping the Northwest and telling of weed stories made for a solid project, humorously named Homie Garden... Swash and Nu Leaf stand out on the 12 track project, which these days is full-length and then some. Check it out.

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WOHM + KPSU’s Fly-By-Night Boat Party Recap with Myke Bogan [VIDEO]

Myke Bogan 2

Weren’t able to make it to the historic Fly-By-Night Boat Party? Don’t Worry, Tim Slew from Soundlapse Media has got you covered. In this characteristic interview, Myke Bogan gives us a play by play of the night and explains what it was like to perform on the Portland Spirit.

Check it out!


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