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Prince Hyph ft. Foday – Make It [MUSIC VIDEO]


Over a pitched adjusted version of the I Got 5 On It instrumental, St. Johns vet Prince Hyph links with New Portland upstart Foday for an upbeat and catchy single in Make It.

Complete with a eye-popping video from Justin Gabriel, the single turns an old summer classic and gives it a wintery NW feel. Check it out!

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Drae Steves – Next Up [MUSIC VIDEO]


Cover photo by Christopher Garcia Valle

Squares hate Drae Steves‘ provacotive lyrics, but everybody loves the swag. A rare talent and NE legend, Steves recently did the damn thing at TheTHESIS, and his video for Next Up, has been making its rounds on the internet.

Looking more and more like his dad every day, the young Portland rap star really gets it right with this one, balancing brown water in his red cup while showcasing the charismatically bulletproof flow that put him on the map in the first place. The Filthiest camera around captures it all and trust me, you’ll want to give this one a few spins.

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The Last Artful, Dodgr – Sway


If you caught her interview on Sway’s Universe, you probably heard a clip of this track that The Last Artful, Dodgr wrote a few years back, accurately projecting her goal of one day being a guest of the iconic disc jockey.

Rarely one to disappoint, Dodgy went ahead and dropped the K.Dot-nodding, upbeat throwback as a free single through Fresh Selects. Have yourself a listen, and stay tuned for her upcoming project with Neill Von Tally, Bone Music.

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Russell North – Undefeated feat. Kool John


Cover photo by Christian LaMontagne

Perhaps best known for his role in bringing the ultra-popular 40oz Bounce party to locations across the West Coast and beyond, Seattle hustler Russell North steps out of his comfort zone to try his hand at rapping. His debut effort is impressive.

Over a trap-heavy beat from Phil Valley, North and Kool John share respectable bars filled w/ hustler sensibilities and player basics between a repetative hook that plainly insists that North simply can’t lose.

Shouts to Russell North for making the jump; it is not easy to slide from behind the scenes to behind the mic, but here he is doing his thing. #OutHere

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The Thesis Two Year Anniversary: Two Nights, Two Shows!


As cliché as it may sound, I really can’t believe it’s already been two years of TheTHESIS. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun, and I’ve gottta say, we’ve been having a LOT of fun. I see no reason to stop now.

The 25th month of Portland’s beloved concert series truly is truly the biggest – and most challenging – musical event we’ve ever planned. We challenged ourselves to stick to the model while pushing ourselves to new heights, and I think the result does both amazingly well. Much like last year’s back-to-back sellout shows, the 2nd anniversary will be a 2 night event. The 21+ Thursday night show will be held – per usual – at Kelly’s Olympian, while the Friday show will be held in the Pearl District, be open to all ages, and incorporate (purchasable) local artistic design in the aesthetic. But this time, it’s going to be a movie.


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We Take Holocene Interview with Glenn Waco [VIDEO]


A few months back I had the opportunity to catch up with prominent Portland activist and artist Glenn Waco at his We Take Holocene showcase. Recently Glenn made the move down south to California but specifically came back to host the fourth edition of his Hip Hop series in late August. This show has definitely had a solid track record of performers in its past and Glenn kept the momentum going by booking another elite line-up of artists including Donte Thomas, ROBy, and Raz Simone from Seattle.  We Take Holocene has made some major noise for the city so I figured it was time to get the details from Waco himself.

Check out the interview below exclusively on We Out Here Magazine!


Shot/Edited by Ben Olsen from Out Of Line Productions.

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A-RU$$ – You Know Who You Are [EP]


I’m just going to keep stressing it; A-RU$$ is the real deal and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. His ability to weave between the hip-hop and R&B worlds as either part of a collective or as a solo artist is truly impressive, and his charisma is off the charts.

This weekend, he dropped a 4-track project of bonafide mood music, really separating himself from the pack as an artist with the slowed down yet turnt upYou Know Who You Are EP. Showing off a keen ear for production and a strong knack for song structure, the 20 year old member of the SQD collective flaunts a digital sound that gets it just right, resulting in a very dope and contemporary brand of bedroom R&B.

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Blossom – Black Magic Woman [VIDEO]


When it comes to soul, Blossom has it in spades. Fresh off a plane or two from a little stint on network television, the Trini-born Portland girl finally gives us the visuals for the Fountaine-produced Black Magic Woman, easily one of the sexiest songs of the Spring.

The Tim Slew-directed video beautifully captures what I’ve essentially always assumed is the daily regimen for the artist currently known as Blossom, complete with singing carelessly about the house whilst similarly confident and carefree lady friends vibe from the sofa and dance in her kitchen. 

Catch Blossom and all of her swag on December 1st at The THESIS: Headliners event, where she’ll join ROBy, Cory Kendrix & Illmac for one unforgettable night!

Cover photo by Miss Lopez Media

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A-RU$$ ft. Croosh – Numbers [AUDIO]


Portland singer/rapper/songwriter A-RU$$ is as talented as anyone in the NW rap scene. The 20 year old has had a productive 2016, dropping music at a steady rate while tearing down shows with his SQD collective (who will be headlining TheTHESIS’ 2 Year Anniversary All-Ages show on December 2nd).

His latest drop features production and a clean guest verse from Croosh, making for a fresh little hip-hop/R&B diddy your girl might love. Make sure you’re the one who puts it on for her.

Cover photo by Renée Lopez

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The Last Artful, Dodgr On Sway’s Universe


Portland can’t get enough of the spotlight this week and import-turned-embassador The Last Artful, Dodgr is keeping the flame lit.

After humbly singing background vocals for Aminé on Jimmy Kimmel, the LA native turned PDX star swung by Sway’s Sirius studio to talk about all the cool things she has going on, from the aforementioned performance, to her roots, to her new track and upcoming project.

Big tings poppin. Keep it coming, y’all.