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Foday Releases “Perfect” Music Video


“I’ll admit it I’ve been stagnant, but I’m back it’s curtains” says Foday, the 23 year old Northeast Portland native. Don’t get it twisted though, this guy has been working while you sleep. He decided to kick the door in on the scene with a new single titled Perfect. The song itself packs a mean punch and the beat is something I could hear Kevin Gates using to make a rant about his phones blowing up. It also uses a “perfect” sample from the world renowned Street Fighter video game.

Foday released the single on the Fourth of July, but the fireworks didn’t stop there. He decided to team up with Sam Lingle’s talent behind the camera to create a gritty music video full of slow motion and reversing shots. I’ll also be the first one to say, the girl in his video had me staring with no shame. Foday even says it himself, “butt too big but her imperfections make her perfect”!

Whether it’s the bros to hoes ratio at his parties, the bars he delivers, the beat he’s on, or the woman he’s with; this music video is pretty close to perfect itself. It’s easy to say that I’ll be keeping an eye out for Foday’s upcoming moves, you should too. Check out the visuals for “Perfect” below, enjoy!


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Epp and Maze Koroma – Stray Bullets


Eyrst is at it again. The record label as a whole has been turning heads for a while now but I have a feeling this is just the beginning for the newly formed Portland label. Their newest signee Calvin Valentine (G_Force), who recently moved from the city of roses to the city of angels creates an authentic electric track that suits the vibe of this track unbelievably well. There’s not much the versatile producer can’t do. Teaming up with fellow label mates ePP and Maze Koroma, all 3 add their own unique touch keeping the track alive from start to finish. One of the youngest members of Eyrst, Maze is coming off a very solid performance at this years PDX Pop Now music festival while ePP has been steadily working on his newest project and dropping nothing but heat as of late.

Check out what all 3 artists have to offer on their latest single “Stray Bullets”.


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Alia Zin Releases New Music Video “Raise the Dead” for Wiccan Wednesday


“You gotta free them lives, or there is no hope.”

This week Alia Zin’s #WiccanWednesday release came in the form of “Raise the Dead,” which is her first official music video and produced by PakkMusic Group. Alia starts off the video calm, talking to some friends outside of a party. The chill and lowkey party vibe is set when a friend lights some rolling papers (contents unknown) over a small caldron. Alia chants:

Gotta free your mind, come and free your soul. You know that freedom lies where there is hope.

And if I am not mistaken, the video appears to have been shot at Alia’s apartment in Long Beach; I recognize the tiled floor and the steps out front from when I visited her there in May to do an interview. The song and video then come together to reinforce what I already relate to about Zin: she does rituals like burning things, smoking things and writing to mentally and emotionally process the sick injustices of her world.

I raise the dead with a microphone in my right hand. Becky better leave the sun, she might get a nice tan. Niggas hate on melanin they like they bitches light skinned. Kinda like the master, now it’s funny how we like them. 

The second half of the video adds more visual intrigue as Zin really gets into it. Amidst darkness her glowing eyes resemble some sort of night crawler — a wolf, witch, or perhaps even a zombie. With all the realities that she touches on in the second verse–from constantly being underestimated to being maddened that mothers continue having to huddle around their black sons’ caskets–it’s easy to understand why she might feel like a zombie in need of freedom. Regardless of your style preferences, , the song and video do a good job of illustrating her spiritual and moral identity.

Check out the video below, and follow Alia Zin’s Soundcloud to keep-up with all of her #WiccanWednesday releases.

Feature image by Renee Lopez

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Shelton Harris – Awake [EP] + Strangers [VIDEO]


Speaking of that clean, upbeat Seattle sound, Tyler Dopps has been at work. The masterful producer behind rising Seattle star Shelton Harris, Tyler is a force to be reckoned with. That’s not to take anything away from the emcee though.

Shelton Harris’ name has been in my ear for years but he honestly just caught my attention in a major way with his new EP, Awake (which I peeped on fellow NW blog Respect My Region). Easy to play through and lightly sweetened with soulful hooks, the EP provides the dynamic rapper an excellent canvas to create on, and he wastes no breaths. I threw in the video from the lead single, Strangers, as well because sometimes a visual helps. Good stuff.

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Decent At Best ft. Sean The Shaman – Sideways


Tacoma alternative hip-hop gang Decent At Best debuted the first release, Sideways, from their upcoming EP, Retroactive Stimulation. The single – which features bars from NW emcee Sean The Shaman – showcases a variety of the sounds and approaches that make the collective so interesting.

Decidedly musical in their approach, DAB produces clean and upbeat tracks that fit in well with the current mainstream Seattle sound. The squad has been busy of late, gaining popularity with a bevy of impressive covers, and I’m very interested to see what their project sounds like.

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Landon Larson – 1000 Miles Down Road

Landon Larson

Now I must say we we’re a little late to the party on this one but as I said a few days ago, I’m here to make up for lost time. Good music is good music regardless. I would like to formally introduce Landon Larson making his WOHM debut. Though he doesn’t need much of introduction, his music definitely speaks for himself. Molding the borders between a new era trap sound partnered by clever lyrics, Larson hits us with his latest single “1000 Miles Down Road”. Riding a wave of momentum off of his first and newly released mixtape “Welfare”, Landon has been bouncing from LA to Portland working and performing alongside artists such as Martell Webster and many more (You may of seen him at our May edition of The Thesis). Having known the unique wordsmith personally, I’ve seen an incredible amount of progression over the last year so I figured it was time for ya’ll to get familiar as well.

Listen  to “1000 Miles Down Road” below and be sure to check out his EP “Welfare” which has over 10,000 plays I might add.



Welfare EP

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Rare Treat – Jawbreaker

Rare Treat

It’s safe to say Eyrst is one of the most predominant collective of artist’s Portland has to offer. Today their supergroup Rare Treat which consists of town favorites Neill Von Tally, Myke Bogan and The Last Artful, Dodgr dropped the visuals to their elusive song “Jawbreaker”. Teaming up with TimSlew and the Soundlapse crew, the video displays each artist’s versatility through an eerie yet creative point of view.

If you’re sleeping on Portland Hip-Hop, these guys will be sure to wake you up.

Check out the video below and if you want more (which you probably will) stream and download their latest project here!


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Epp – Sammich (Prod. By Reignstate)

EPP Sammich

Just wanted to take a second to show some support to everyone who’s been riding with WOHM rain or shine, we see you and we appreciate you! Thing’s have been going well but they could always be better. Having said that, I am now officially back from my blogging hiatus in hopes to cover as much music as possible. Portland has been brewing some amazing music within the last few months so I’m here to make up for lost time.

First things first, there isn’t a better place to start than with Portland emcee Epp. The rose city native first got his start being apart a very successful rap trio TxE which consisted of producer Calvin Valentine, rapper Tope, and yes you guessed it Epp. The group concluded about 2 years ago but since then all 3 members have been making waves in their own unique way. After being on a little bit of musical hiatus himself, Epp was recently signed to new Portland record label Eyrst which is collective of some of the best artists Portland has to offer. Gaining his momentum back from performing at many shows such as this year’s SXSW and constantly being in the studio, it’s safe to say that the talented and creative rhyme sayer is back and this time he isn’t wasting any time.

Teaming up with the heavy hitting-bass slapping producers over at ReignState, Epp releases his first single off of his upcoming project “There’s A Place For People Like You”. This electric track is reflection on the gruesome police brutality that has been happening in our society for far too long. If you have attended our monthly event The Thesis at Kelly’s Olympian, then you know this has become our unofficial theme song.

Check it out for yourself below and be on the look out for more music from Epp, I promise you wont be dissapointed.


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Alia Zin Launches Wiccan Wednesdays with “Don’t Shoot” and “Reloaded”


“Maybe I want a Bulbasaur too, huh?”

Alia Zin never ceases to impress me (and get me fired-up). Last Wednesday she dropped “Don’t Shoot,” the first in a weekly #WiccanWednesday series that will lead up to the release of her album, Wiccan on October 31st.  The song is another chilling woke-ass anthem written from her perspective of being highly aware of racially-charged police brutality, all while illustrating the commonality of desensitization regarding these killings. Zin’s voice is steadily hypnotic, while her flow varies and builds.

Hands on the wall, bodies on the ground.
Don’t shoot motherfucker, don’t shoot. Man down.

Unlike some of these rappers who like to make it super difficult to understand what the fuck they’re saying, you won’t miss a word of Zin’s concise and merciless rhymes.

Zin’s music is the kind of stuff DJs wouldn’t dare play on the radio–censored or not. It’s way too raw, honest, and could even be considered triggering to some. In the intro to the song, Zin mentions the high-level of engagement in the new Pokémon Go game, as if to make the statement that she, too, wishes she didn’t have to focus on more important things than catching a fucking Bulbasoar. Then we hear the sounds of cops yelling: down! Get on the ground!

Her lyrics continue to be timely, true, and appropriately angry. Today, through Pakk Music Group, Zin released her second stellar Wiccan Wednesday release “Reloaded,” which came with some sick cover art by Marvin Grant (GhxstGod). Listen below and buckle up for what’s next.

Feature image by Renee Lopez

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Drae Slapz feat. Rasheed Jamal – One Mo Time

DRAE SLAPZ - One Mo Time 2

Drae Slapz has had a busy year holding it down as the live DJ for some of Portland’s most exciting hip-hop acts, including Mic Capes, Brookfield Duece, and Lang, as well as maintaining his own Saturday night residency at The Pharmacy. His latest announcement finds the popular performance DJ switching gears though, getting back behind the boards with a new single, One Mo Time, which features Rasheed Jamal.

“What’s your name, what’s your number, what’s your sign?” Jamal raps smoothly over the bouncy acoustic beat between hypnotic verses. Known for his trap-stylings, Slapz has long stood out amongst Portland producers for going against the regional grain, opting to consistently create swaggy, uptempo soundscapes that lend more to moving your feet than nodding your head. One Mo Time is no different, invoking a polished – even commercial – feel that’s both club and radio ready.

It’s been over a year since Drae dropped “Late Nights: After Hours”, but this single stands alone, with no announcement of an upcoming project. Rare Vibes indeed. Enjoy the latest from Drae Slapz and highly-acclaimed artist Rasheed Jamal, and if you’re in Portland this weekend, catch Drae rocking a sold out crowd with Brookfield Duece and the Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard.