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Concert Buds: A Talk with EJAAZ @ Skaterade Tour


When I first met rapper-singer-songwriter Ejaaz the first thing that struck me was how amicable-yet soft spoken he was. On stage though, the Indianapolis-based artist’s entire being revs to life, and the shirt is apt to come off (obvi).  I feel like Ejaaz’ music style spans rap, alternative, and R&B genres…but I don’t want to put his personal brand of hip-hop in a box. As for his delivery: his voice remains level and conversational, making it easy for listeners to jump fully on board. Crowd favorites “CA$HMERE” and “Guap” are exemplary of his versatility.

His unique and listenable sound couple with undeniable stage presence and charisma; it’s no wonder he’s been living in a whirlwind. Even after touring with Mark Battles and getting added to the Skaterade tour, Ejaaz doesn’t quite know how to handle

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Cool Nutz, Bosko, Slum Village – Best + Worst (Prod. by Tope)


Cool Nutz might have been a great marathon runner, but rap is the race of choice for the tireless MC. Fresh off the drop of the Bosko-assisted Yaper, Cool Nutz and his Grant High homie teamed up with Slum Village for a Valentine-ready slap in Best + Worst.

If you’re anything like me, the queuing of the beat might transport you to 2013. The Tope produced instrumental first appeared on my personal favorite Tope album, Troubleman, on the song, What Up. Does the new track improve on the last? Check out both and leave your thoughts!

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Concert Buds: A Talk With Anjali World

Photo by Jenni Moore

WOHM was on the scene at the Roseland Theater for Skaterade Tour on Friday, and I got to sit down with all four headliners. Lucky me! Since there’s so much material, I’ll go through each artist’s interview one post at a time and you can check out my best shots from the evening. I’m starting with Anjali World, because ladies first.


Looking like a genuine Disney princess, Anjali World (born Anjali Ranadivé) is a singer-songwriter slash environmentalist slash daughter of Sacramento King’s owner, Vivek Ranadivé. At 23-years-old, Anjali’s has put out her six-track EP, Brave New World, and several singles. (My personal fave is “Bad Boy Good.” The young techno-pop singer has worked with more mainstream artists such as Sage the Gemini, Adrian Marcel, and Tyga. Before rocking her set on Skate Maloley’s Skaterade tour, she let me sit in her tour bus bedroom and probe her with questions. Read on to hear about what’s next for Anjali, her passion for animals, the PNW, and her friendship with Kehlani.

Anjali World
Day of Show
Skaterade Tour

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REALTALK: Alia Zin On the Meaning Behind “Wiccan”

Photo by Renee Lopez

Feature image by Renee Lopez

The lioness-maned Alia Zin and her Portland-grown beau Glenn Waco left the PNW for a Long Beach residence a few months ago, but we still get partial claim to her fame since putting her on for her first-ever live performances in our little city. (Remember when she rocked the stage at our all-girls lineup at #theThesis back in July?) *Cough Cough* And we’re patiently waiting for an epic homecoming show. *Cough*

Portland Director Ben Olsen shot an intimate interview with Zin that explores what continues to inspire the 21-year-old lyricist’s creations. In the 8-minute interview Zin discusses spirituality, relationships, the music industry, and how to influence the next generation of young women with her music.

Take a look:

Alia Zin Interview (8 min) from Ben Olsen on Vimeo.

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Packard Browne Talks About His New Event, SPLASH: A Hip Hop Collective


FLVXPortland hip-hop is on the up and up. People are truly starting to realize the depth of the talent present in the scene and both fans and artists are having as much fun as ever as the walls come down and cliques cross-pollinate.

Tonight at the Rose Bar, the FLVX Society crew has a fun night planned for the rap fans of the city, and it has the makings of something special. Collaboration has always been a core value for FLVX; the collective is headed by DIY producer/rapper/engineer Packard Browne (who rocked The Thesis in November), and extends to a number of talented artists including Zach Drury and Llyght Stevens. To sweeten the pot, the crew also reached out to buzzing underground locals Rey Totem and Sasquatch (of L$P) as well as Seattle’s Donte Peace to round out the bill.

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iLL Chris feat. Mackned – Eurostep (Prod. by Young Forever)


In case you hadn’t heard, aging NBA star and pioneer of the eurostep, Manu Ginobili, suffered a terrible injury last night. That didn’t stop filthy fresh NW rapper iLL Chris from dropping Eurostep – chock-full of Ginobili references – with his partner Mackned. Don’t press play till you’re ready to turn up… There, I warned you.

The Bape Gawd pushes the pace on this one, really stepping out of his comfort zone while Mackned swags on the hook. The artwork is particularly fly as well. Word has Chris has a new project on the way, Honor Thy Father, so be on the lookout. #OutHere

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Illmaculate & Marv Won – Birthday Boys (Prod. by Calvin Valentine)


First off, happy birthday to the homie Illmaculate. Secondly, congrats to Calvin Valentine for his new deal with EYRST and the associated single. Really proud to know both of these guys. As it turns out, fellow battle rap legend Marv Won - yes the one in the infamous deleted 8 Mile scene - has his birthday today as well. Rather than attack each other on their special day in Highlander fashion, the pair got with Calvin and put out an EP… And it’s gas.

If you know about Illmac, he’s a beast on the mic, and Marv Won is a great match. Mr. Valentine does his thing on the beats per usual, chopping soul samples and adding his signature keys as necessary. Listening to this was a great way to start my day, and I think it’ll be in the rotation for a good while. Listen, learn it, love it.

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Look Back At It: Photos From The THESIS in January


So tonight we host yet another night of #TheTHESIS, and the message I want to get out is #DontGetStuckInLine. Seriously, we have some great fans that come out and we want you to know that we appreciate you. So if you’re thinking you might arrive a little late and don’t want to get stuck in the cold, READ THIS and make sure your spot gets saved. We’ll stop taking names at 4pm.

So what’s the big deal about this rap show? Our partners over at XRAY.fm explained that really well yesterday, so check it out. Still not sure? Well here’s a few pics from our January show with Cassow, Bocha, Yung Rob and Tribe Mars, courtesy of WOHM photog and all-around awesome person, Renee Lopez. If these don’t pique your interest, please… stay home.

Otherwise, see you tonight!! #OutHere

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Cee Goods – Roots [Instrumental EP]


So I just want to let y’all know that I’m a cheap mother f***er. I don’t buy new music. The last album I bought at a record store was Kurt Vile’s “B’lieve I’m Goin Down.” I buy my clothes and sneakers at thrift stores. My main splurge is typically a bag of weed on a Friday.

Thank God for the internet. Oh, and I’m super bias. My friend Spencer aka Cee Goods just released his 6 track instrumental journal called “ROOTS” with Mr. Crates. I’m going to play it as many times on his Bandcamp site as I can until it tells me time’s up. Then I’m going to roll him a joint and ask if I can get a CD-R.

Peep the letter he wrote before you listen to this project. From what I understand, this album is based on the music that Quincy Jones made for the movie ROOTS. King Leez (who has something in the works with Cee Goods, from what I hear) just told me they chopped off Kunta’s foot because he tried to escape slavery too many times.

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X – E A S T S I D E (Prod. by Deadbrainz)


“I’m rock n’ rollin’ / Hit ‘em with some Guns N Roses / I’m rock n’ rollin’ / Be Rolling Stoned but I’m all alone / I’m rock n’ rollin’”

X from The Locals has a lightweight slap on his hands here. Hailing from “The Numbers” the Portland rapper created a lowkey trap anthem for his fellow East-siders that occasionally flips from English to Spanish with expert precision.

Based raps, a moody hook, and emotional bridges make way for a somber track that I’d definitely play between juugs or on the way from the club to the afties. Check it out and let us know what you think!