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Rasheed Jamal – Indigo Child [ALBUM]

Cover photo by Renee Lopez

Portland has put out some really good projects this year, but few have moved me as much as Indigo Child by Rasheed Jamal, available in full on Spotify and iTunes.

Jamming 13 songs into 46 skit-free minutes, Rasheed masterfully executed his vision for navigating his continued existence in a flawed world, shrugging off his own self-doubts in the process. The Resistance vet married his Southern roots with the vibrant and unapologetic culture of North Portland rap, creating a dark and moody yet danceable project with excellent production and even better thematics. Despite varied sources of production the project flows incredibly well; it’s the type of album you can play straight through and just bob your head to, or you can sit down all day and unravel the dense lyrics with the help of the rewind button.

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TheTHESIS XXXIV: Stevo The Weirdo, Rasheed Jamal, CHOViE, Verbz + Special Guests

Calling all Hip-Hop fans… Tomorrow marks the first Thursday of the month and you know what that means… TheTHESIS is upon us! As we march towards our December anniversary shows, we’re pulling no punches with the lineups and September’s is sure to be one for the books.

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CONCERT BUDS: Bumbershoot 2017, Day 3


After a very exhausting Saturday of shows, I decided to pick up at least three more pre-rolls to get us through the last day of Bumbershoot chaos. First up was alternative R&B singer Bibi Bourelly, an artist that was new to me but since Renee said she was dope I was open to checking her out at the Main Stage. The crowd was kind of lame, but Bibi proved her singing chops on a variety of songs, including my personal (new) fave, “Ballin.” After seeing her set I’m definitely a new fan, and discovered I already knew a slew of songs she’s written for other artists, such as Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money,” along with several others off ANTI.

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CONCERT BUDS: Bumbershoot 2017, Day 2


Since we’re grown-ass ladies and wanted to conserve our energy, Renee and I decided to skip out on Friday’s Bumbershoot festivities and stay sober for the weekend (I mean, not counting all the weed we’re smoking, obvi). So we began our weekend adventure Saturday afternoon, after securing a totally free and untimed parking spot a few blocks away. First up was The Skins, fronted by the very animated and fierce powerhouse singer Bayli. The genre-bending band was down a bassist (Kaya Nico wasn’t feeling well) but still managed to slay my heart with their high-energy renditions of songs like “I,” “Runaway,” and “Bury Me.” I think we subconsciously knew the first and last acts of the day were going to be the highlights. The Skins were a polished act with original sound and mad stage presence. 

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Best of the Best: Artists to See This Weekend At Bumbershoot 2017

This year will mark my third year in a row attending Bumbershoot, but this time it’s going to be way more magical because I’ll be accompanied by none other than fabulous WOHM photographer, Renee Lopez of Miss Lopez Media. The last two years it has rained for at least part the weekend, but this year is set to be warm, but manageable: a lovely high of 85 degrees :). There are so many great acts to see at Bumbershoot 2017 and we’re going to try to make it to as many as possible… but you know how crazy it gets at these mega-festivals. We may have to split up at some point; Renee might have a couple artists to see that are not listed here (I know I do), and she’ll be bopping around the photo pits all weekend. In a perfect world, here are the acts we’ll be trying to catch and cover this weekend:

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HV Gutter- Blaze Jays 2

Hv Gutter is always working and staying moving. If he’s not writing, he’s keeping busy producing. “Blaze Jays 2″ is a testament to that fact. The 19 track tape is his 19th project recorded to date. Many of the beats will sound a bit familiar, as they are remixes to popular joints that have dropped recently. Gutter Family is definitely one of the crews you should keep on your radar in regards to the up and coming. So I recommend you do just as the name suggests, and relax, roll up some papers, sit back and press play.

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The Thesis XXXIII Video Recap

It was 106 degrees outside and smoke from the burning forests up North filled the already humid air, but that didn’t stop TheTHESIS.

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Cool Nutz – What You Think I’m On ft. Illmaculate & Mistah Fab

Veteran rapper Cool Nutz came through with a slap last week, a good sign for his upcoming EP, Terrance, which is slated for a late September release and features Nipsey Hussle, Bosko, Drae Steves, and more.

This rainy day single – produced by Green Team’s own Lawz Spoken – however, leans on fellow regional heavy hitters Illmac and Mistah Fab while delivering strong in the lyrics department.

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Myke Bogan – Gravy ft. Michael Christmas

Myke Bogan has been active lately in preparation for his new album, Pool Party, and the release of Gravy (which features Boston’s Michael Christmas) is his latest lure.

The bouncy track, produced by Pool Balls creator Tim Fontane, is a certified headknock and Myke does his thing, sliding syllables where you didn’t think they belonged. With EYRST behind him, Myke seems poised to cash in on a bubbling Portland scene.

New album Friday.

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TheTHESIS XXXIII: Al-One, Daelonz, Woody Beast, Verbz

We love everything about TheTHESIS. From its prominent location at one of Portland’s best venues to our resident DJ, the First Thursday hip-hop concert consistently continues to entertain fans and bring artists together from across the city’s varied rap community… and sometimes even beyond. Still, as we approach the 33rd consecutive month, it’s the energy of new guests and a new sponsor that have us excited for this August installment.

In case you haven’t heard, Bacardi has signed on as a sponsor for this month’s show. It’s always a goal of the TheTHESIS to continue to enhance the concert experience, and the new sponsor will be adding a second bar and unique drink specials for partygoers. We’re very happy to be partnering for this event, and look forward to building long-term benefits to both our artists and fans.

And if we’re talking about who’s new to TheTHESIS, we can’t ignore our headliner, Al One, who dropped a masterful project, Sharptongue, in June. The iconically chill Sandpeople alumnus has long been a renowned lyricist, and on his new project he holds his own (and then some) with town legends such as Illmac, Theory Hazit and Serge Severe. A creative performer, Al is a joy to watch, dripping with confidence and an accentuated bravado that’s long helped him to stand out. Though a founding member of two of my all-time favorite Portland groups, Pros & Cons and Alphabet Stew, I think that when it’s all said and done, Al’s progression into a solo artist may end up becoming the most exciting part of his storied career.