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Jon Belz ft Tope & Felicia Taylor – Summertime (Prod. by Trox)


Fresh off a leak from Violet Nights, Portland’s Jon Belz is ramping up for a late summer release of another upcoming album, produced by Trox, Tony Ozier and Hip-Hop Junkies. Following a standout performance at Tuesday’s Rakim concert, Jon tossed the lead single – which features Tope & the lovely Felicia Taylor – our way for an exclusive release.

WOHM is proud to present the latest summer ’14 slap, Summertime. Very grateful, very #OutHere.

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The Rareness – Dreams // Repeated Motions


The Rareness is comprised of HG and Aviel, two Portland rapper/producers who’ve been working together since high school. Now all grown up and polished, the duo came together for an interestingly dense and moody 2-track project.

Def worth a spin or two. Do it.

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Donté Thomas – Raining Roses


PDX upstart Donté Thomas smooths it out with his latest release, RainingRoses. Dude has come a long way since C.O.L.O.R.S. without stepping outside of his jazzy sub-genre. Excited to see what he brings next.

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Out Here w/ Audio Push (Paisley Summer Tour Interview)


With all of the much deserved excitement around PDX Pop Now, it’s almost easy to forget that a huge show came to town Friday night, starring Vince Staples, Skeme, and most notably Audio Push. NW rappers Nyce Lutchiano and Manny Monday rounded out the line-up at Portland’s Alhambra Theater, with DJ Fatboy on the decks.

The duo of Price and Oktane have come a long way since the days of their groundbreaking hit, Teach Me How To Jerk, in 2009. Now 23 and 24 years old, the pair first signed to Interscope Records in their their teenage years; since then, they’ve released 8 mixtapes and have truly mastered the art of live performance.

Before they went wild on stage though – driving the crowd into a frenzy that fellow headliner Vince Staples was never quite able to recapture – Price and Oktane escaped soundcheck for a few minutes to meet up with us for a chill talk about their careers, touring, and fame at a young age. Check  it out.

Video by Matt Almendinger, Kevin Lauritzen and Chesga Jackson for We Out Here Magazine. Shout out to Beetle and Randy.

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On: Revolution in the Age of Reproduction


When we talk about great Black leaders, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. practically roll off the tongue. After all, they made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. They are what many people aspire to be and some even model their lives after. But why?

We know how the movie ends and yet, people still plot and strategize with the same tactics from the 60s and 70s. So why are they shocked by low turnouts and/or the police shutting actions down? Why do these people end up spending more time planning for infiltration than planning their actual events?

Call me crazy but if you don’t want to take an L like the movements of the past, not copying them would be a good start.

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Check Clothing Introduces “International” Tee


Sometimes, these rainy summer days in Portland make me want to get on my #AirplaneMode and skip town for a few days.

Portland clothing company Check seems to feel me, recently introducing a long-sleeved tee inspired by the distinct carpet in the PDX airport. Check them out at CheckClothing.com.

PDX sleeve detailsCheck1

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Packard Browne – Young Dylan Cypher (Prod. by Brixton Chase)


“Stepped up my hair game / Got on the airwaves / And yet I fair play/ Off of the green like a fairway / I’m making noise like an air raid”

Packard Browne shows his lyrical dexterity over a bass-heavy heat rock from Brixton Chase, in his latest drop, Young Dylan (like Bob, not the rapper from Making The Band).


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Ty Farris – Another Crackbaby (Prod. by Trox)

Another Crackbaby Artwork

Detroit rapper Ty Farris snaps over a flame track from NW legend in the making, Trox. We’re late on the post, don’t make it worse on yourself. Press play!

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“HOOP DREAMS” – A Film By Nick Woolley


I don’t think there’s a rapper alive who has never had a hoop dream. The rhythm, improvisation and competitive energy that make basketball such an alluring sport are the same factors that drive performance MCs to move crowds. Simple enough that everyone can do them, both are accessible activities that few truly excel in.

Nick Woolley is an all-around talented guy. Educated at Columbia College in Chicago, the Eugene native raps and produces under the moniker N.VS along with his crew of creatives, Fang Tshida. He also co-operated a Portland-based clothing company, Bullē Classic, and has since moved on to film work. But even with this dizzying array of aspirations, he proudly recalls those youthful years of holding onto hoop dreams.

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Drae Steves – Fuck What You Heard ft. Ace Dough [Video]

Steves + AD

I keep telling y’all Drae Steves‘ record SLAPS, I’m not sure y’all listening though. His latest visual honestly doesn’t stand out from his last, but it’s well done and the song – which features up-and-comer Ace Dough – hits… just like the last. Where was THIS track when DJ Dizz was spinning at AD’s birthday party?

#AddItToThePlaylist #UnfinishedBusiness