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The Thesis XXXIII Video Recap

It was 106 degrees outside and smoke from the burning forests up North filled the already humid air, but that didn’t stop TheTHESIS.

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Cool Nutz – What You Think I’m On ft. Illmaculate & Mistah Fab

Veteran rapper Cool Nutz came through with a slap last week, a good sign for his upcoming EP, Terrance, which is slated for a late September release and features Nipsey Hussle, Bosko, Drae Steves, and more.

This rainy day single – produced by Green Team’s own Lawz Spoken – however, leans on fellow regional heavy hitters Illmac and Mistah Fab while delivering strong in the lyrics department.

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Myke Bogan – Gravy ft. Michael Christmas

Myke Bogan has been active lately in preparation for his new album, Pool Party, and the release of Gravy (which features Boston’s Michael Christmas) is his latest lure.

The bouncy track, produced by Pool Balls creator Tim Fontane, is a certified headknock and Myke does his thing, sliding syllables where you didn’t think they belonged. With EYRST behind him, Myke seems poised to cash in on a bubbling Portland scene.

New album Friday.

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TheTHESIS XXXIII: Al-One, Daelonz, Woody Beast, Verbz

We love everything about TheTHESIS. From its prominent location at one of Portland’s best venues to our resident DJ, the First Thursday hip-hop concert consistently continues to entertain fans and bring artists together from across the city’s varied rap community… and sometimes even beyond. Still, as we approach the 33rd consecutive month, it’s the energy of new guests and a new sponsor that have us excited for this August installment.

In case you haven’t heard, Bacardi has signed on as a sponsor for this month’s show. It’s always a goal of the TheTHESIS to continue to enhance the concert experience, and the new sponsor will be adding a second bar and unique drink specials for partygoers. We’re very happy to be partnering for this event, and look forward to building long-term benefits to both our artists and fans.

And if we’re talking about who’s new to TheTHESIS, we can’t ignore our headliner, Al One, who dropped a masterful project, Sharptongue, in June. The iconically chill Sandpeople alumnus has long been a renowned lyricist, and on his new project he holds his own (and then some) with town legends such as Illmac, Theory Hazit and Serge Severe. A creative performer, Al is a joy to watch, dripping with confidence and an accentuated bravado that’s long helped him to stand out. Though a founding member of two of my all-time favorite Portland groups, Pros & Cons and Alphabet Stew, I think that when it’s all said and done, Al’s progression into a solo artist may end up becoming the most exciting part of his storied career.

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Blossom & Hot16 – Tease [EP]

Portland’s favorite young soul singer, Blossom linked up with Liquid Beat producer Hot16 to drop an unarguably popular EP, titled Tease, that showcases the talented underground artist’s sound and energy. 

Blossom is no stranger to solid production, but the bounce on these boom-bap inspired beats adds a layer to her ever-vibey sound. Her sultry voice, addictive lyricism and style shine on this new offering. Don’t miss it!

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The Thesis Recap Video

After two and a half years, TheTHESIS is still going strong. In fact, we’re still growing. 

Our last show started off with a bang as surprise guest Young Onassis from LA took the stage, immediately drawing the crowd in. Raquel Divar and Cory Oh brought the bass, debuting their new video, Vandals, and performed a few favorites as well. Mighty – fitted in Black Mannequin gear – came big with the banner and forced the crowd to listen with next-level lyricism. Finally, 21 year old Danielseventwo took the stage with Keijian and delivered an energetically based performance to close out the night. Of course, Verbz held the stage down between and during sets, controlling the flow of the night.

As always, the crowd is as important as the performers at TheTHESIS. This is really more than a rap show, it’s a tradition, a networking event, and a way to support the local scene. As Mic Capes puts it in this video recap (courtesy of Lord Burgundy), “I came out to support those that support me, man. I support TheTHESIS.” And that’s the gist of this whole thing, right there. 

Shout out to Kelly’s Olympian, all of our amazing guests, and our wonderful press sponsors. Whether you’re checking it out or re-living the night, check out Lord Burgundy’s first video foray into the TheTHESIS. Enjoy.

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Manny Monday- T$D$ Freestyle

Manny Monday has been a staple in the Portland community for quite awhile now. Although lately we haven’t heard much from the talented emcee, he has recently surfaced again. After a little hiatus he has made a triumphant return with his newest freestyle “T$D$“. Now… Not too many rappers would tackle a beat such as Joey Bad’s “Waves” without some slight hesitation. Manny however has had no problem with this endevour, nonchalantly slaying the instrumental with his clever delivery and alliteration. Keep an ear out for this man as I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear from him. Peep.

If you like what you hear you can check out his last project “WORKAHOLIXHERE.


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Ki$- Stripes Only

Originally hailing from North Portland, Ki$ is no stranger to the 503. He moved to Dallas at an early age where he developed his infatuation for double cup music and the southern sound. However five years ago he returned to his hometown as most do to our alluring city. His newest track features a sultry beat with some impressive wordplay and flow. Be on the lookout for more from this up and coming emcee. Now go Po’ up, roll up, or do whatever suits your means of relaxation best and press that play button.

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Cory O & Raquel Divar – Vandals [VIDEO]

The hip-hop tag team of bass specialist Cory O and lyricist Raquel Divar blessed TheTHESIS last night with a big screen debut of their new single, Vandals. This morning, they dropped the video. 

The high energy video – shot by none other than Tim Slew – successfully captures Divar’s intense and explosive rap persona almost as well as her live show. And, it features cameos from a few WOHM regulars. Check it out!

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The THESIS: DanielSevenTwo, Mighty, Raquel Divar & Cory Oh, Verbz

Tonight the names above go up in lights for TheTHESIS, Portland’s marquee monthly hip-hop extravaganza, which features an amazing DJ – Verbz – and a rotating cast of phenomenal talent. Tonight’s line-up, as usual, is heavy on local talent. The young and popular DanielSevenTwo will take the stage for the first time, as will veteran phenom Mighty, and THESIS favorite Raquel Divar returns with Cory Oh with a special mission. 

Booking 72 was an exercise in patience. The kid’s been grinding for years, and since turning 21 in December, we’ve been looking for the right show to fit him on. That time is now, and he’s bringing his buddy Keijian for good measure. With a hazy flow that makes me think of Wiz or Curren$y, Daniel’s brand of rap is young, defiant and markedly different from that of other locals. You’ll just have to see for yourself.