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PropaneLV – No Flex Zone (Remix)


I know I just posted PropaneLV yesterday, but this couldn’t wait. Probably the best No Flex Zone remix I’ve heard yet – although the one with Nikki Minaj and Pusha T is pretty dope too – Oregon’s YouTube remix sensation impresses with his latest remake.

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Drae Steves – All That Matters


Drae Steves found some traction with this one. With over 1,500 spins in a week, the kid gets raunchy on his latest single, All That Matters.

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Rae Sremmurd No Type Featuring D.Worthy & Jasijah (Produced By Mike Will Made It)


Vancouver, Washington’s D. Worthy is hit or miss to me… This one hits to me. He and Jasijah remix Rae Sremmurd‘s No Type, and the Mike Will beat doesn’t hurt a bit. What do you think?


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PropaneLv – Loser (prod. By D.Shuts)

propanelv loser track art

Did you know that PropaneLv has nearly 5 MILLION total YouTube plays? Yeah buddy. Get your money.

Anyway, the new album, Suicide Squeeze, will be here October 14th, but in the meantime, Oregon’s YouTube-turned Soundcloud sensation lets loose a clean hip-pop single in Loser. Produced by D Shuts… duh.

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Ara Less – Cloudcatchers feat. Mike Larry Draw


Seattle vet Ara Less caught my attention with a jazzy new track with trippy visuals in Cloudcatchers. He teams with Mike Larry Draw for a metaphysical lyrical journey that I didn’t mind riding along on. This is the second single from his upcoming album Symbiosis; Seattle folks might want to check his release party at Barboza on October 5th.

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KA$H – It Was Written


Pedigree is important to me, so when Glen Waco sent me his guy KA$H’s new track, It Was Written, I had to check it out. A quick diddy, KA$H shows off an off-balance flow that held my attention. Honestly, I even stayed on his Soundcloud and listened to some more. I’d like to see this guy get in the studio with a solid engineer. Lots of potential.

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On: Economic Protest


This past weekend, a lot of us saw the video of Portland Police beating and tasing a 16-year-old. To make matters worse, this comes at time when there are anti-police brutality protests and discussions all around the city. Apparently the police still don’t give a fuck about Black people.


While I’m not big on protests, I was a fan of the nationwide Black Out Monday. On Sep. 8, participants only spent money at Black businesses. The demonstration helped to raise awareness of the $1 trillion in buying power Black people have and how we can leverage it.

The fact is we live in a capitalist society. No matter what idealistic notions we have, the job of the police is to protect property owners. Thus, if you’re trying to make a statement that will get their attention, you have to speak their language.

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Tope – Trouble Vision Ep. 3: Broke Boy Syndrome Trailer


Do we rock with Tope? Of course we do! He asked for folks to RT this link one time, so we thought we’d get in on the action and do him one better.

With Broke Boy Syndrome on the way, Tope drops a cinematic preview of what’s to come. Colin Limbocker aces the visual assignment and drops it over Tope’s new song, Please Believe. Check him out. #APM

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Big Mo – Ay Shay [Official Video]

Ay Shay

When BigMo ran his latest video, Ay Shay, by me, he mentioned that it was controversial. To be honest, I didn’t even notice. This is hip-hop… But I guess some people found brown people with guns and boom boxes disturbing.

Whatever… What’s up with shorty in the harem garb tho? Ay shay!!!

Seriously though, one of Mo’s better songs and you gotta love the beat. Do peep.

BigMo – Ay Shay (Official Video) (Warning: this is satire) from GREEN LUCK MEDiA GROUP on Vimeo.

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Mat Randol – Wisdom Feat. $lick Deviou$ & Maze Koroma (Produced By Steve Hash)


We here at WOHM pride ourselves on our ability to stay on the wave. Young Mat Randol and his even younger hitters $lick Devious and Maze Koroma get down on a jazzy beat by Steve Hash. #RenaissanceCoalition