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Tay Sean – Supramundane


Kingdom Crumbs member and THEESatisfaction keyboardist Tay Sean shows off serious skills as a solo artist with his groovy new single Supramundane, as he looks for balance in a crazy world.

Cleverly sharp lyrics and a laid back flow were the first to grab me, before the constantly developing beat caught me in it’s full embrace. The Rainer Beach rapper/producer describes his music as experimental, but it seems like he knows what he’s doing to me. Be sure to check this one out. Very fly. Very #OutHere.

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Zach Drury – Burn [VIDEO]


FLUX Society’s Zach Drury just dropped some new heat with a video for his new single, Burn. It’s been nearly 2 years since the thin-framed engineer rapper/turned heads with his emotive single, Rain, and while his solo releases have been scarce since, he seems right back on track with this latest tune.

With a debut album on the way, Drury’s first video finds him pushing through the difficulties of the artist lifestyle in search of greatness, hoping to be an inspiration to others. Simple yet striking visuals coincide with the subject matter, meshing well with the Humble-produced soundscape well. Whether you’ve been waiting for something new from Zach, or just now discovering him, Burn makes for a pretty good chance to catch up. Go ahead. #OutHere

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US[+] – Water [VIDEO]


Mic Capes tagged me in a damn FB post put me on to a chill new video from Aloha rapper US[+]. Fortunately, the lyricist’s flair for the unconventional goes beyond his very difficult to Google handle.

To be totally honest I wasn’t blown away by the video, but I was thoroughly entertained by the 10A-produced song, and a little inspired digging led me to the promising teenaged rapper’s album Lemonade (shout out Beyoncé and Chris Lee) which is a very solid collection of soulful, feel good music. What he lacks in polish, the rapper seems to make up in confidence. That’s usually a great recipe for young artists, and I’m interested to see what the sub-suburban kid does next. Personally, I think it’d be cool to see more visuals off this project… There’s some gems on there and they haven’t been heard enough yet.

Check him out.

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Gifted Gab – Gab The Most High [ALBUM]


Seattle rap queen Gifted Gab talks big on her new album Gab The Most High, giving her fans what they’ve long been waiting for. With 3 projects under her belt – Queen La’Chiefah, Girl Rap and G-Shit – Gab put out her most ambitious album to date, with 14 tracks and a variety of styles to boot.

Always clever and fun, Gab delivers track after track, rapping and singing her way into your homes, headphones and car speakers. Production is mostly handled by Antwon Vinson, with Sk8, Syko, DJ Vega, and a few others helping out. Features from Mic Capes, Mario Sweet, Vitamin D and fellow Moor Gang boss Jarv Dee make for great times, but this album is mostly about Gab and her pimpin’ ways.

Whether the girl power thing is your cup of tea or not, Gab impresses lyrically, and the variety of flows and melodies make this album as hard to pin down as it is to ignore. You’ll definitely want to give this one a spin if you haven’t already. Long live the Queen.

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Cassow – Palm Trees // Crazy, Crazy


Cassow can’t seem to stop dropping songs, and the people can’t stop listening. Match made in Portland, if you ask me.

The NEP spitter has been busy this week. By the time I sat down to write up Palm Trees (co-produced by KanielTheOne and WhosColson), he’d already followed up with an equally-but-differently-vibey track in the girl-friendly Crazy, Crazy. Dude doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s OK with that. Peep the latest from one of P.O.’s best.

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Yo! X & Bravo Domo – #SilentWavez [EP]


I don’t say this often, but this is exactly the project that Yo! X needed. The SE Portland trapper has shown promise for years, but seems to have really dialed in recently.

The D$C squad mainstay has been electric at shows as of late, and his new project with PDX-area producer Bravo Domo is flame. It starts with the production really. Domo does a great job setting the pace and mood of the album, catering to X’s rough voice and slow drawl. The crump-dancing beatsmith always stays to his roots though, and even his darkest beats make you want to bust a move.

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Dame D.O.L.L.A. ft. V.I.P. & Bozzle Talk To Em (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)


Dame Lillard shows his grizzlier side on a new track he released yesterday alongside a few familiar rap friends V.I.P. and Bozzle over a sharp beat from Jahlil Beats.

The season’s over for the Blazers and Dame took no time getting back to the semi-street, chip on the shoulder raps that we all love. The Oakland kid with the green light goes in on the extended verse. Bars like, ”I hardly ever brag, I hardly ever sag, but tonight my pants low and 200 on my dash!” show the stoic young star letting his guard down for a second, adding a little braggadocio and even shouting out his hood, “BROOKFIIIIELD!!!” in exaggerated adlibs. Not your standard NBA rap fare, I assure you. A rapper’s rapper, Dame is hard to front on. Check out the latest from the NBA’s best rapper.

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We Take Holocene 3: Alia Zin, Blossom, Karma Rivera, Vytell


Glenn Waco curates all-ladies lineup for his summer concert series (and Portland homecoming) this Wednesday.

The first We Take Holocene showcased The Resistance artists Mic Capes, Rasheed Jamal Mikey Fountaine and Glenn Waco, while the second put Brookfield Duece and Dame Dolla in the spotlight. Both shows were a success and garnered lots of attention, thanks to dutiful organization from Waco. And since I’ve known the rapper/activist to also be a bit of a feminist, it comes as no surprise that he would give the mic to the ladies of Portland hip-hop for the next We Take Holocene show. These four chicks have been holding it down when it comes to representing Portland artists. Zin and Rivera performed at our all-ladies lineup of the Thesis last July, and all four of these baddies were part of the highly lauded Portland Female Cypher from last Summer. Each artist has been putting in major work ever since. (Now would be a great time to revisit the dope video by V1 Creative.)

Now in his third installment of the summer concert series, which will be hosted by DJ Samarei, Glenn Waco explains what inspired him to create the platform:

“The idea had been swirling around my head for a while, but 2015 is when I decided it was time for me to take matters into my own hands essentially.

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Karma Rivera – “EverythingILove

Photo Courtesy: Jay Murgas

Photo Courtesy: Jay Murgas

Yesterday, on May 20, Karma released “EverythingILove,” a 4-minute track produced by Mike Mo (@MikeMoBeats) and with mixing help from Jordan Cruz. The new track gives a little more insight into what’s influenced Karma’s life, what she’s learned, and where she’s at now. In a crawling pace and steady flow, Karma explains her thoughts on University:

Growing up grandma buying tickets to the lottery, she keep thinking that’s gon’ get the family out of poverty
Preaching how school should be my number one priority.
Prove to them people you are more than a minority.
She ain’t know the system what commits the biggest robbery.
So fuck being scholarly, got real ones at my property. 

There’s plenty more to examine in the song, which is probably why the artist is eager to create a visual. As Karma expressed on Twitter, “I wanna shoot a video for EverythingILove. I need a Cinematographer ASAP”. The song’s release comes a month after she dropped “Tacos & Tequila,” and is no doubt in anticipation of her big gig next week at We Take Holocene III, an all ladies lineup that will mark the third installment of Glenn Waco’s summer concert series. Take a listen below and prepare to watch her slay on Wednesday.

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Heff – Drip From My Walk (Freestyle)


SQD’s Heff has been doing his thing and his take on Famous Dex’s Drip From My Walk is picking up steam.

I’ve never heard the original – and I probably never will – but Heff goes semi-nuclear in his remix. I can’t say I’m a big fan of this Casio-sounding beat (or the thousands others that sound exactly like it), but I am a fan of the bars. Lyrically solid with some spectacular, evolving rhyme schemes, the East Portland rap phenom continues to show he’s a factor in a sub-genre that’s buzzing heavy with the all-ages crowds. Listen for yourself, and maybe stay on the SQD SoundCloud for a bit. Lot’s going on with the dynamic crew.