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Serge Severe – New Generation


Fresh off his latest video Say Nothing, Serge Severe returns with more bars over his latest track  New Generation. This time around Severe teams up with Zapata, whom he originally collaborated with back in 2012 for his EP Silver Novelist. Now that the two are back at it, word has it that they’ll be dropping more heat through out the rest of the year. Is there possibly a new project in the works? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Check out New Generation below and let us know what you think!


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HOT16 – Spacesuit [Instrumental Album]


HOT16 over at Liquid Beat Records put together Spacesuits, a funky beat tape that reeks of summertime BBQs and road trips. The up-tempo compositions vary across a number of concepts throughout the album, creating a terrestrial – or even extraterrestrial – vibe to the project as a whole.

Great for fans and rappers alike, the full project is available to stream. The lead single, Jupiter, is available for free download as well. Check it out!

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Seattle Beat Battle | Death By Stereo | Brainstorm Press Conference

Death By Stereo 1

I’ve been hearing about this, but just really started looking into what seems like a pretty dope event coming up in Seattle where regional heavyweights Stewart Villain and Brainstorm will face off in a judged beat battle for a $500 cash prize. Promo for the event – which will also feature performances by Feezable The Germ, Mega EvErs, Perry Porter and Yusuke - had mostly consisted of the two producers taking valiant shots at one another on the internet… and it still does, but this new video is next level.

Death By Stereo presenters Feezable The Germ and Mitch Pfifer (Respect My Region) interview Brain, only for the Seattle mainstay to rip into Stew for nearly half an hour, encouraging fans to boo him at the event, accusing him of skipping the press conference, and further explaining why he’s the clear front runner. He goes on to call out other Portland artists en masse, including Tope and Trox by name. This might end up a lowkey classic. Stewart better have a response…

Oh, and if you’re interested in winning FREE TICKETS…#OutHere #WrapWWE

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Brookfield Duece – Hoop Dreams [Album]

Hoop Dreams Brookfield Duece

For those who have been following along, Bay area native Brookfield Duece has been teasing his new album Hoop Dreams for some time now.  It’s finally here, and you can grab it on iTunes.  If you’re new to Duece’s music, you can preview some tracks at BrookfieldDuece.com, and read our album review (you can trust us!).  Duece and his Green Chair Music camp will be back up this way on August 26th, performing at Holocene along side PDX’s Glenn Waco, Seattle’s Gifted Gab, and more.  Give him a listen, and support if you like.

#OutHere #TeamLillard


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Ever Had LSD For Lunch?: A Summer Solstice Tale From Dufur (Part 2 of 2)


<<CLICK HERE to read Part 1 of our What The Festival coverage>>

Saturday June 20th, 2015

My first night ended in excellence, bringing on the morning light with new friends. Determined to receive the full experience during my limited time, I went on a lone adventure after watching a set at the Dragon Stage and wound up chasing the sun into the clearing. There, we shared pizza slices sitting criss-cross apple sauce in the grass. “A Pizza Sunrise,” they called it. They were a handsomely gregarious bunch, the girls in braids, boys with long hair.

5:37 AM My intent was to head back to the car for some shut eye. Brenda had already beat me to it hours before. But, I’m persuaded to change course. By white awnings this time… little cabanas, surrounding 2 still rectangles of water. There’s a deck dividing it down the middle, it seems like you can hop from one pool to the next with just a step. No one’s around, except for ever present security patrolling the perimeter. So t h i s is the pool stage. I plop myself into a cabana. I have a VIP view to the skyline from here, and I’d like to know the inside scoop from the hawks themselves. Sorbet oranges and soft pinks collide with the clouds while I drift in and out of sleep as I’m told stories of Sasquatch versus WTF. Security declares: WTFest trumps all.

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Tre Redeau – Kool-Aid Stand [MIXTAPE]


Tre Redeau has spent enough time pushing and finally dropped his full length mixtape, Kool-Aid Stand. One of the most exciting young rappers in Portland, Tre has come a long way from the 19 year old I met several years ago in the studio with Luck One HANiF. His new project is everything we’ve been waiting for; high energy with quality raps, the mixtape seems to spare no expense, boasting a strong line-up of high end features alongside local heavyweights. From Non-Stop and Dizzy Wright to Blossom, Stewart Villain and his fellow Losers, Tre made sure this project represented the NW and beyond.

If you’re a rap fan – and if you’re not… why are you here? – there’s no way you’re disappointed with this project as a whole. A few already popular tracks and a bunch of new stuff, you definitely ought to give this a spin.

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Thaddeus David – Annex [Official Music Video]


Thaddeus David‘s Parallels EP was one of his best, and that’s saying something for an artist as productive as TH. His latest offering sets the lead track, Annex, to a visual backdrop of a day in the life of the veteran rapper, who comes away with not only a shiny new video, but a clean haircut as well.

Definitely check it out. Good things always going on for the Moors. #OutHere

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Dame DOLLA – Tell Me Why ft. V.I.P.


Dame didn’t disappoint for his #MusicMondays drop this week.  He and newcomer (?) V.I.P. drop freeverses over Jadakiss’ “Why” instrumental, and I’m willing to bet things are going to get interesting the rest of the offseason.  Check him out.



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Presents – J-Key feat. Dice [VIDEO]

Presents (NAKA) (2)

After growing momentum off of his first project, J-Key releases his second video from his new EP “Not A Kid Anymore”. With what seems to be an avid fanbase and a concrete promotional platform, I think J is a great addition to the brand of Hip-Hop in the northwest. Having said that, I honestly haven’t heard too much about the Everette, Washington emcee but after doing my research and listening to a few tracks, he’s definitely on my radar now.

Check out his new video “Presents” Below!


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Brothers From Another – This Summer [ALBUM]


Seattle’s famed trio – BFA - consists of 2 MCs and a DJ who consistently put out slaps. The veteran crew manages to maintain a youthful sound, much to the enjoyment of their rabid fanbase who have been streaming their latest album like crazy. Lead singles, Day Drink and Blame It On My Youth do not stand alone in this rather complete project. Heavily produced by Nima SkeemzThis Summer takes  advantage of its native cities rich pool of artists, summoning heavyweights such as Sol, Nacho, Dave B and Sam Lachow to lay verses across their varying soundscape.