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TSpoon – Loud [VIDEO]


Young Spoonta Kinte of the #SoarLosers cliq unveils a hard hitting banger dedicated to music volume and dope potency. Get your subs ready for this one.

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Vinnie Dewayne – ENVY (Prod. Dj Cones)


Straight out of St. Johns with a pit stop in the Chi, Vinnie Dewayne has been a scholar. In the same vein as some of his best songs of past, Vinnie pours his heart out painting a picture of his own life’s path and its correlation to his relationship to his older brother. If this was a hype track I was expecting to hear a DJ Mustard like drop of “Stewie on the art hoe” #SoarLosers. ‘St. Johns Scholar’ coming soon.

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Mike Bars, Karess & Thr33 – Treehouse Gang Cypher 2014


“…Plus your chick pays when she takes me to dinner.”

Mike Bars and his Treehouse Gang drop a mean cypher. I’ve been digging Karess‘ flow for a hot minute but I’d never really heard Thr33 before. I think he might have stole the show. What do you think? This is probably worth discussing.

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HANiF – Gentrify (Prod. by 5th Sequence) [VIDEO]


Hanif is no stranger to the concept of gentrification. Hailing from NE Portland, Oregon – one of the nation’s most rapidly changing neighborhoods – he recently relocated to Harlem, New York, only to find the same thing occurring.

Well known for infusing social critiques in his raps, Hanif’s latest video single, from his forthcoming 12” Vinyls EP, aptly- titled “Gentrify”, takes a humorous approach to discussing the universal experience of living through urban renewal; The process of displacing minority populations at the whim of the social elite. No element of the process is given harbor as the unpredictable bearded rapper muses about hipsters, bike lanes, condominiums, and the futility of gang culture in a single verse, all whilst walking among the highly sought after brownstones of Harlem, surrounded by a cadre of hipster-types who just don’t seem to get it and awkwardly dance along.

Rumor has it Luck and 5th Sequence have a project coming. If this is any indication of things to come, I’m excited. Directed by Jae Change, the new video single is fresh, fun and thought provoking. There goes the neighborhood…

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Camila Recchio – Don’t

Camila Recchio

New to me, but brought to my attention via Andrew Savoie of Nu Era co producing the track, Camila Recchio gives a us a beautiful gift titled: Don’t. Am I crazy of is this song really really dope?

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Nefe Stone – Beautiful ft. Rocket One [VIDEO]


There is not another artist like Nefe Stone, at least not in the NW. Beautiful was already a cool little cut, but this video Martin VanLondon shot for it… Let’s just say that I would’ve watched it last night instead of this morning if I’d known better.

With cameos and musical assists from both Rocket One and Tony Ozier, this is a fun one. Might not want to watch this one at the office though, or with your kids around. No parental discretion advised here, your kids really just don’t need to see this! But you should.

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ROBO Film – The Sames

Robo The Sames

Whether through clothing, accessories, or musical projects, ROBO founder and operator Jayyo keeps pushing his vision. Today, We Out Here Magazine is proud to premiere the first installment of a ROBO video series, The Sames, shot by V1Creative.

The Portland tastemaker refuses to let ROBO get put in a box, but I had a chance to chop it up with him and talk about what ROBO is. Enjoy! #ItsEverywhere

Mac: What does ROBO represent to you?
Jayyo: ROBO, to me, means we are hindered from being great so many times that we have to hide our talents like superpowers. Because being too good at something… people begin to keep you out of things. But being true to yourself and your gifts, accepting that you are great in your own right is what ROBO is to me… Never letting the world tell you that you can’t be great.

How does this video series further your vision?
The vision series gives extra feeling behind the idea. Relating things through visuals gives people a better understanding of ROBO art through many avenues , this is just a way of putting it all together…

ROBO makes a random assortment of items: hats, tanks, socks. Anything new on the horizon?
*laughs* MORE colorways EVERYWHERE.

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Aaron Obryan Smith – 0 To 100 (AOB Remake)


I think Waka Flocka actually had the most creative 0-100 remix… at least till now. Shouts to PDX’s most underrated, singer/rapper/songwriter, Aaron O’Bryan. Low key based, high key dope, all the way #OutHere.

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Jarv Dee – Swvg B4 The Internet

WOHM WOHM! Moor Gang Jarv Dee

Jarv Dee is hella dope to me. I also hear he’s wearing sweatpants in PDX tonight. I’m not sure if this latest release is part of a larger project, but I sure hope so. Enjoy. #MoorGang

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Marv Ellis & WE Tribe – Boys In The Woods


Marv Ellis does his thing. I was a bit late getting to his latest video, Boys In The Woodz, but it was well worth the wait. Impressive lyrically, musically and visually, Marv and the WE Tribe really bring that organic Oregon sound.

Oh, directed by Sapient.