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The 5th Annual Efryting Drive + Friendly Fire Battle

Eftryting Drive Dump

That Jessie Sponberg guy never quits. NEVER.

As if endlessly organizing masses to march, rally and shut down bridges wasn’t enough, Sponberg still managed to put together his 5th annual Efryting Drivean annual event he uses to attain an insane amount of items – primarily warm clothes and blankets – for the city’s large and highly vulnerable homeless population.

Last year, the City threatened to fine Sponberg when they learned of his plan to drop a dump truck sized load of resources on a downtown street. We Out Here Magazine offered to pay the fines, but the City backed down. The Oregonian captured the dump on video. (See cover photo.) With the police once again out to snatch belongings from the homeless, no time like the present to donate some stuff you don’t need to someone who really does. As Sponberg put it, “It is literally a race against the police to keep people from dying.”

But why not have some fun in the process?

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Cam The Mac – Only A Man

Cam The Mac

If Obama was really on it we’d quit the robbin’. Instead he’s absent so we stick to mobbin’.”

Having bars is something new to Cam The Mac, but I think this latest release might be his most poignant. Gangsta rap that could pass for conscious rap I am certainly here for, and Cam is all over it. Do listen.

S/o Miss Casey Carter on the heads up!

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#DONTSHOOTPDX Aims For Constructive Assembly

Dracey With Bullhorn

Young rapper (turned activist?) Glenn Waco has been making waves since he started going hard with the #DONTSHOOTPDX block. Talking to him today, he noted that the city continues to turn a blind eye to police abuses at home because of a lack of “documented complaints”, especially from those in the minority community.

I am personally still waiting for my call from the Independent Police Review guy, Constantine. Not holding my breath though.

For folks looking to get involved, there is a rather major action on Wednesday at The Portland Building. The goal is to share examples of police misbehavior so that they can be documented and reviewed for direction in policy change. GET MORE INFO HERE.

SIDENOTE: Don’t Shoot Portland also has a Twitter account. Follow for updates.


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Thaddeus David – Annex (Prod. by SSA)


Between partying and Snapchatting, Thaddeus somehow manages to continuously put out solid cuts. A cold beat from SSA (DJ Semaj, 1st Born & Blak Mic) assists on the dark but fun new single for his upcoming EP, Parallels, which drops December 22nd.

Yup. New Thad Dave for the whip. The artwork is kinda cool too. We Out Here.

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Ike Watson – How You Feel ft. Astro King Phoenix


Young Ike Watson shows his sensitive side on a self-produced track that touts a cold verse from the homie Astro King Phoenix. If you like this, there’s more to be found on his recently released album, ME. 

And now you know. #OutHereSEA

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DanielSevenTwo – Live It Up (Prod. by WhosColson)

Daniel Seven Two Live It Up Cover

Its refreshing to know that when I meet rappers from Portland these days, I don’t have to automatically assume the music they usually leave me with will be subpar, and tend to give it a listen before I decide to introduce it to my recycle bin (Kobe!).  When the young homie DanielSevenTwo shot me this record, I was impressed from the jump, and hope that there is more where this came from.  Anyway, I f*ck with it.  Check him out. #OutHere

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Tope – BrokeBoySyndrome [ALBUM]


With a regional tour w/ Gift of Gab under his belt, an Erykah Badu shout out, and a couple of 2DopeBoyz premieres, Portland’s Tope has had one hell of a year.  What better way to end it than with releasing his long-awaited album? Check out Broke Boy Syndrome below. #OutHere

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OTM Party



For the 2nd year in a row The OTM Party will be going down in Portland. The wildly successful event last year drew in over 350+ portlanders in search of great night filled with dope music. This year will be hosted again by Portland comedian Seeznin, and will feature DJ Sets from: DJ Rockwell, DJ Caraya, and DJ DD.

Performances by: D. Worthy of Vancouver, Washington, Brookfield Duece of Oakland California, and Portland’s own Aminé along with his LIVN band. $10 gets you in the door. As well as being 18+ event, there will also be a 21+ bar area serving cocktails for those interested.

Along with the nights performances, expect raffle prizes from some of Portland’s dopest up and coming clothing brands including FlightSchool, Stocked Gear, and The Incorporated. Photography by Anaka Morris (http://anakamorris.com). Sponsored, naturally, by WOHM who will also be doing press coverage, interviews, and all the other gems you might interested in.
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G_Force – Where Were You? [Full Album]

g force

G_Force drops the full album version of his Where Were You? Wednesdays (Yeah its Thursday.  Sue me) series. Peep below. #OutHere

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MOsley WOtta – Urban Tribal [Video]


Bend’s MOsley WOtta stays busy performing around the state. During a set for the Locals Live concert series (you can watch the full set here), he shot a video for “Urban Tribal,” a track off his upcoming project “Markets Flooded” that takes a look at Black identity. With the emergence of so many newly politicized people and the unfortunate reemergence of people trying to define what is and isn’t Black, this is some food for thought.