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Message From The Last WOHMer on Earth

2019 is almost over and I’ve achieved most of my goals. It has been an experimental year for me, trying new things, building new bridges, fixing old bridges, investing in my loved ones, actually addressing my own physical and mental health, revisiting polychronic sleep, purging toxic patterns, finding balance, and publicly establishing my values.

What I’ve found is that when I take better care of myself, I have much more to give. And that when I operate within a predefined framework of my own sculpting, I can be both more efficient and less stressed. (In the past, it’s always been one or the other, which led to crippling anxiety and lapses in my ability to creatively execute.)

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Mighty – Bat Boy

Mighty Nation back in the building (or better yet the dugout) with this fun new video for Bat Boy. Mighty provides the quick lyrics and clever delivery we’ve come to consistently expect, and a simple but effective video shoot brings the bouncy track to life.

Local comedian Shrista Tyree blesses the break with comedic relief while Angelia Victoria & Co. provide the eye candy. Check it out; quite the little production.

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D.O.E. – All Day [Music Video]

Need a new weed song? We got you.

Portland’s D.O.E. quietly dropped this gem in December and off word of mouth it’s starting to pick up steam. He and producer Bravodomo came through The THESIS last Thursday and shut it down with the live rendition.

Dude’s got vocals for real. Check him out.

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The THESIS LII – Vursatyl, Lisa Vasquez, Stevo The Weirdo

I have booked a lot of rappers, but it’s not every day I get to book a bonafide legend to headline The THESIS. Needless to say, I’m very excited to bring Vursatyl – of the legendary Lifesavas – out to our little humble rap sanctuary to mix it up with a couple of THESIS vets.

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Brookfield Duece Hits The Mark With Upcoming Album “America’s Orphans”

Now this is what a studio album is supposed to sound like.

Oakland’s Brookfield Duece is no stranger to Portland rap. For five-plus years, he’s been in the mix, finding his lane and directing traffic in a crowded creative scene.

His upcoming offering, America’s Orphans, is unequivocally his best work to date. The conceptually heavy 15-track full-length album minimizes drag with streamlined transitions, cinematic soundscapes and well- timed features, making for a highly replayable album with substance to boot. Just peep the single, Surveillance, and you’ll see what I mean.

Giving the record a tremendous boost is LA-based executive producer Like, who you may know from the blog-era rap group Pac Div. He also produced Kendrick Lamar’s Sing About Me, I’m Dying Of Thirst, a factwhich helped me put a finger on the familiar vibe of the project. Samarei’s touch is felt as well.

Duece was crafty with the features too. There is no Dame track this time. (Sorry guys.) There is a flame-emoji worthy Freddie Gibbs feature though, and Like steps from the boards to the booth on occasion and even brings groupmate Mibbs out for a track. The clever use of locals in non-rap situations really worked for me: Drae Slapz’ take on a Nelson Mandela quote nearly had me in tears, while a VM from the late great Starchile nearly had me in tears.

A tremendously thoughtful album, AO is exactly what I didn’t expect right now, but exactly what the game needs.

I got a chance to catch up with Duece to discuss his feelings on the project and his state of mind through the process. (Answers may be edited for length/clarity.)

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Jahdi – Morse Code (Prod. by Bravodomo)

First of all, I’ve never heard a Bravodomo beat I didn’t like. That’s just facts.

To boot, Jahdi has been hitting his own stride, becoming increasingly consistent with his flow and delivery, and this new single, Morse Code, really hits the mark. A crew banger with strip club vibes, gotta say I’m impressed!

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DMarx – With You (Prod. by Pliv)

When he’s not plugging Green Hop and recording inspirational videos for the ‘gram, DMarx puts out music, and right now he’s got a project out with 16-year old producer PLIV which spawned a trippy video single that WOHM is proud to present.

Never one to shy away from trying new things, DMarx leans hard into the emo lane with his latest. Drop a note and let us know what you think!

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Fatal Lucciauno – Blame Fatal

Seattle legend Fatal Lucciauno dropped a dark gem last week; nothing to step to, this one’s for the bad guys. 

Fatal stepped in last minute and killed it in May at The THESIS in Seattle performing this very song, so I had to take the time and post the full track. And I have it on good word that KALITO is on the way..  Stay tuned!


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Mic Capes – FRNZY (prod. by Drae Slapz)

Mic Capes knows the value of a solid album, but that doesn’t mean he won’t let the loosies fly. With Drae Slapz on the cybal- heavy beat, FRNZY features an inspired Mic on offense with no clear target – and no hook – for almost 3 minutes.

Album fodder or not, the high energy single should make for excellent live show material, highlighting Mic’s lyrically dense delivery over a knocking drum loop.

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The THESIS XLIV – Brookfield Duece, Raquel Divar, Swiggle Mandela, Andre Waymond

No lie, the Roman Numerals are getting tricky as we approach our 50th consecutive month of TheTHESIS, but what a problem to have right?

As the summer winds down and the temps cool, we’ve got a veteran lineup of emcees ready to heat up the stage tonight at Kelly’s Olympian with new music and heavy vibes.

Front Page Music’s first artist, Brookfield Duece, took a break from preparing new music and flew back in town for the end of summer to wreck shop again; the Oakland native has never failed to impress with his THESIS appearances, and the possibility of label owner Damian Lillard popping in to check on talent always raises the energy in the building.